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Leadership Attila the Hun Collaborative Driven and

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Attila the Hun; Collaborative, Driven and Leadership Qualities

Leaders have followers, but the way in which this is achieved may vary. Research may not have identified a singular set of characteristics or qualities which are always present, but there is general agreement on some qualities and styles that leaders may utilize, these include the collaborative, driven and ethical leadership styles. These are often applied in the modern context of leaders within the commercial context. However, if qualities of leader that are advocated today are valid, they will also be seen in the leaders of the past, as seen with the examining of Alexander the Great by Mintzberg (et al., 2008). Another leader who may be considered is that of Attila the Hun; a man that is portrayed as a barbarian in many texts, but must have had some leadership qualities to gain such a strong and long-term following. As…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Motivation Leadership Traits Skills and

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Leadership and Motivation

Leadership Traits, Skills, and Motivation

Over decades, business leaders, organizational researchers, and scholars have been endeavoring to come up with a perfect definition of leadership through personal experiences, findings, as well as the modern real-world situations and models. Therefore, they have come up with leadership theories, which stems from the multifunctional nature of leadership. These theories further drill deep into leadership traits, behaviors and skills, which may openly demonstrate the competency of a leader.

Competent leaders can be judged by their admirable leadership traits and skills, which may positively influence and motivate their subjects, as well as the other employees. A competent leader serves as a role model for ethics and integrity (Steve, 2009). Here, leaders have to be ethically upright, honest and always tell the truth. As a result, their employees would always be motivated to trace their footpaths in leadership morals and ethics. According to…… [Read More]

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Leadership Qualities and Characteristics of Successful Basketball Coaches

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Leadership in Sports Smehra

Leadership Qualities and Characteristics of Successful Basketball Coaches

Vince Lombardi once said, "Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing -- the result" (Website, 2004). Lombardi is still considered the epitome of the over-achieving coach who wanted nothing but results, and got them through pure grit and determination. In 1958, he started coaching the Packers when they were a 1-10 record team, and within a year, had turned them into the record breaking, double Super Bowl winning team that has become a legacy in NFL achievements.

Lombardi is just one example of a successful sport coach, still he is a common example given in many leadership seminars, and often quoted by coaches as they determine their own successful leadership styles and systems of coaching. So, what is it that makes a coach successful,…… [Read More]

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Leadership Style Being Employed in the Case

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Leadership style being employed in the case study covering the City Academy Bristol is what some experts might call participative and/or collaborative leadership. A collaborative leadership style allows for all participants to have a voice, and in this case study, the students are asked to assume the role of leader and participant while engaging in activities that call for collaboration, and participation. As one recent study determined "collaborative leadership practices that involve employees in workplace decision-making have been shown to increase commitment" (Steinheider, Wuestewald, 2008, p. 145), and in this study increasing the commitment level of all the stakeholders (including; students, teachers, administrators and parents) is one of the primary goals of the study.

One of the benefits derived from a collaborative leadership style is that it fosters creativity. Students (and other participants) are often called upon to work together and become highly engaged in projects and the decision-making process.…… [Read More]

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Leadership Guide Transformational Leadership and Emotionally Intelligent

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Leadership Guide

Transformational Leadership and Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Organizations are established with on-going concern to earn profits, generate economic activity and satisfy the needs of the people. Few people join hands to establish an organization and mange the resources which may belong to all of them and they pool them together to achieve their desired goals. The goals differ from organization to organization and it is also possible that the goals of an organization do not align with the goals of the individuals who form the organization. In order to resolve the conflict, the founding team members come to an agreement whereby they focus on organizational goals in a manner that support their personal goals as well.

The founding members need the services of many other stakeholders to run their organizational effectively. The most important stakeholders are the employees who are directly involved in the affairs of the organization and…… [Read More]

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Leadership & Team Experience There Are Many

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Leadership & Team Experience

There are many opportunities for leadership over the course of one's life. Leadership does not simply occur on the battlefield, or in the arena of sports. Leadership happens in the home, in the classroom, in the workplace, and out in the world, in general. While I have yet to hold a job, as a college student and human being, I have still encountered situations where there were opportunities for leadership present. Most of the leadership experiences in my life, for me, have been located in the classroom, or as part of my overall educational experience.

I have one particular experience that comes to mind. I was placed in a group for a humanities course. We were a group of six members. I remember this experience fondly for several reasons. We produced work that we were all satisfied with and proud of. We divided the tasks evenly…… [Read More]

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Leadership Type a Versus Type B Leadership

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Type a versus Type B Leadership

The ability to guide and direct a group, department or entire organization is predicated on being able to balance task and relationship orientation through transformational leadership. The most effective leaders balance short-term transactional strategies for getting immediate results with transformational leadership skills, intermediating between each using emotional intelligence (EI) to guide their decision making (Ivey, Kline, 2010). The foundational elements of transformational leadership include individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation (Ismail, Mohamed, Sulaiman, Mohamad, Yusuf, 2011) and idealized influence. Transformational leaders are able to use situational awareness and EI to selectively apply each of these approaches at the most opportune time to get the best results (Ivey, Kline, 2010). The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how these techniques can be used for assessing scores from the Type A versus Type B tests taken. I received a score of 38 on Type…… [Read More]

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Leadership Application Mr Smith Has Been the

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Leadership Application

Mr. Smith has been the president of our social club for a very long time. He has been reelected as the president unanimously for more than three times since he started his term. The reason as to why he has held this position is because of his effective leadership.

Leadership traits

There are various traits that he holds which have made him an effective leader for this entire while. These traits include vision; he is a visionary leader. He looks forward to the future of the club with a lot of expectations. He has envisioned the club to be a success and attain a significant growth. He has an idea of the club which is clear and exciting of where the club is headed and at the same time try to accomplish the goals of the club. Secondly he is a courageous leader. This means that he is…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Management Are Two Different Concepts

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Leadership and management are two different concepts. Management is involved with the operational oversight of employees, departments, or processes, while leadership is involved with leading the company through organizational changes that are intended to enable the company to meet its objectives. Leaders, as are expected to carry themselves in a positive manner to motivate and influence the rest of the organization positively, because they act as an example to the rest of the employees in the organization.

Since leadership is mainly influenced by the behavior, different leaders apply different strategies to ensure that the objectives of the company have been fully met (Sheahan, 2006). This paper therefore analyzes the difference between leadership and management, and ways of cultivating leadership skills in managers that benefits the organization. The paper also explains how managers can set effective expectations for their employees so as to increase the performance of the organization.

Leadership skills…… [Read More]

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Leadership Comparing Characteristics of Leaders and Managers

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Comparing Characteristics of Leaders and Managers

The term leader and manager is often used in an interchangeable manner and it is likely that at some point most leaders have undertaken a management role. However, when looking at leaders and managers there are some distinct differences. These can be considered in terms of their characteristics and the way these characteristics manifest. A common theme in much literature is the way in which leaders may be identified as they have followers and inspire others

This refers to the concept of leaders having charisma. In this context there are many examples of leaders both good and bad. Leaders which fit in with this context include, John F. Kennedy former U.S. President, Nelson Mandela the South African leader, Richard Branson founder of the Virgin empire and Howard Schultz the CEO and inspiration behind Starbucks. These are all examples of charismatic leaders

. They…… [Read More]

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Leadership - Central Core of Organizational Success

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Leadership - Central Core of Organizational Success

Effective Leadership in Corporations

you didn't mentioned anything about (For each theory explain how it might benefit a named organisation as well as how it could be incorporated effectively into the organisation.

Introduction to Leadership

What is leadership? A leader could be interpreted as someone who sets direction in an effort and influence people to flow the direction, helps them to establishment to goal, guides them towards achieves these goals, thereby allowing them to be effective. A leader is one who influences others to attain goals. The greater the number of followers correlates to the greater the influence. Additionally, the more successful the attainment of worthy goals, the more evident is the leadership. However, one must explore beyond this bare definition to capture the excitement and intrigue that devoted followers and students of leadership feel when they see a great leader in action.…… [Read More]

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Leadership Is a Complex Subject

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The integrative approach is almost always used in real world leadership. No leader succeeds solely on the basis of traits, solely on behaviors or solely be adapting to situations. Leaders use all of the tools at their disposal. Consider Apple under Steve Jobs. Jobs had some fantastic traits as a leader, particularly with respect to his vision for the company, its products and how society would use those products. But Apple never succeeded solely on vision. Jobs' behaviors served to reinforce his vision and the corporate culture. His formal and informal power was constantly leverage to make the company better. He used power in dealing with suppliers, partners, and consumers as well, all of which has contributed to Apple's success. The only approach not used at Apple under Jobs was situational leadership, because the company never really changed its leadership style to fit the circumstance. But like any good leader,…… [Read More]

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Leadership Management Assessment of Transformational

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Sixth, his service commitment is exceptional, as he has been known to work with many customers to solve problems and help them get to their goals as hospitals and healthcare providers. Seventh, he is exceptionally resourceful and willing to move beyond traditional boundaries to accomplish greater tasks than would have been possible otherwise. Eighth, his focus on rewards and recognition is well-known throughout the entire healthcare industry, as is focus on giving credit to employees who create exceptional insight into how best to solve complex problems facing the company. Ninth, his focus on personal mastery is also evident in how much he invests in personal training for his employees. Tenth, his focus on being organized around priorities is also seen in how he uses the Internet as a means to communicate what is most important to the company and why. These ten core competencies are what differentiate the best leaders…… [Read More]

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Leadership Within a Fire Department

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Whether involvement is through full time employment or volunteer service, the challenges of today's fire service demand commitment to training, education, experience and self-development. One's professional development is a journey, not a destination. Remember Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

Napoleon Hill

You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play.

James Beatty

Works Cited

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Salka, John, and Neville, Barret. First In, Last Out: Leadership Lessons from the New York Fire Department (New York, Penguin Group, USA, Inc. 2004).

Thomas M. Cunningham, Emergency Services Information Site: Leadership…… [Read More]

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Leadership Style Book Review Summary of Book

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Leadership Style Book Review: Summary of Book

"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken," reads the quotation on the title page of 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Leader: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants, by management guru John C. Maxwell. The word 'leadership' on its own often brings to mind rather stultifying and outdated modalities of leading by command, much like a general, or cliches about being true to one's values. Besides, few readers will be put in charge of a military unit, or hold the title of CEO -- but virtually every individual who participates in the business world will one day either lead or be part of a team designated to work on a particular product or target area of interest for the company.

To suit the needs of today's marketplace and corporate structure, thus John C. Maxwell offers a different concept…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Management Over Time the Terms

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Leadership and Management

Over time, the terms management and leadership have been used interchangeably but in reality; these two terms are essentially different in regard to roles, characteristics as well as functions. In this text, I concern myself with a number of leadership and management issues I have studied so far and their application in enhancing my leadership capabilities.

Approaches to Leadership and Management

It is important to note that a number of issues dictate the leadership approach one would most likely adopt as a preferred style. In my case, these issues include but of course are not limited to the way I prefer making decisions, feedback mechanisms available as well as the tasks under consideration. With that said, I would consider adopting the directive approach. According to Nohria and Khurana (2010, pp. 18), in a directive approach, the leadership position is taken to be the basis of power. When…… [Read More]

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Leadership a Leader Is Who

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Transformational leaders have the innate ability to motivate their team members by the vision of what they are trying to accomplish together (Hur, van den Berg, Wilderom, 591). Leaders at this level also show through personal effort why sacrificing for a goal is worth it (Pryor, Oyler, Humphreys, Toombs, 18). Contrasting my own leadership style, I have learned that being able to provide subordinates with an opportunity to take on a task their own way, master it, and find purpose in it is a major step in the right direction. The concepts of autonomy, mastery and purpose as the core of motivation is what I am working to achieve today as a leader. I am also on the journey to being a better leader on this dimension as well, working to show that sacrificing for a long-term goal is worth it.


Leadership is a skill set that must be…… [Read More]

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Leadership Response to Post 1 Your Example

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Response to Post #1

Your example of Shaar Mustaf, founder and leader of the Take Charge Juvenile Diversion Program, Inc. does exemplify the value of programs dedicated to helping at-risk individuals, especially young people, to overcome some of the most serious challenges they face in becoming productive and law-abiding members of society. However, I am not clear from your post what style or personal philosophy of leadership Mr. Mustaf uses to achieve the worthwhile objectives of the Take Charge Juvenile Diversion Program. I would be curious to know how much of his success and that of the organization and program is a function of his substantive knowledge and the effectiveness of the organization in other areas and how much of the success of the organization and program might be directly related to leadership style or leadership effectiveness on the part of Mr. Mustaf and, more generally, within the hierarchy…… [Read More]

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Leadership as a Term Has

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In most cases, autocratic leadership is contrasted from democratic leadership where participation from all players involved in a given task is encouraged.

In my opinion, though the leadership exemplified by the U.S. In the operation that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden has its strong points on many fronts, some deficiencies can be identified. In terms of ethicality, the lack of consultation can be justified on the grounds that secrecy was of the essence if the U.S. was to kill the man blamed for the innocent deaths of thousands of people across the world. Hence the authoritarian leadership exemplified in this scenario was for the greater good. Further, it can be noted that based on the circumstances of the case, quick decisions had to be made and swift action was of the essence. According to Ghuman (2010), authoritarian or autocratic leadership allows quick decisions to be made.

However,…… [Read More]

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Leadership Attributes Effective Leadership in

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Anyone can be a manager. That is, anyone can learn to do the daily paperwork and routines necessary to function. However, leadership implies something completely different. Leadership requires self-reflection and self-assessment on a daily basis. Leaders are faced with many challenges in their daily routine. It is sometimes difficult to know when one is making the correct decision.

Norman and Peale (1998) suggest using one's own emotions as a gauge to assess their leadership decisions. If a decision makes you feel guilty or uneasy, there is probably a good reason for it. If a decision makes you feel good, then there is a good indication that the decision passes the test of being for the good of all. Not all managerial answers are in the numbers. The job of a manager goes beyond the numbers and into the ability to inspire those under them. Emotions should not be ignored for…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in

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These leaders are aware of their emotions and the effects they have on others. Understanding one's emotions is the starting point for an effective self-management and management of others. In addition to this, an effective leader should be aware of its limitations, its strengths, and its capabilities. These competencies are in strong correlation with social competencies, which help leaders understand the behavior of their subordinates, their clients, and to better perceive relationships within the organization.

In order to effectively manage its employees, the leader must first be able to understand them. This is where EI intervenes. An effective leader should not only use its EI competence for managing people, but also for promoting EI among them and encouraging them to develop their Emotional Intelligence skills. Employees with developed EI skills develop better relationships with their colleagues, their bosses, or their subordinates, are more pleased with their jobs and the overall…… [Read More]

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Leadership Styles Discussion Leadership Responses

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When a leader puts in extra hours, lends an ear to the grievances disgruntled employees, and takes a 'we're all in this together' the employees are more likely to try to weather their difficulties.

Discussion 2 think most of our leadership styles are somewhat situational -- no one, unless their role is very limited with the organization, is likely to be called upon to do the same thing, day after day. One of the things I like about a Human Relations Specialist style is how showing empathy and consideration, as well as taking suggestions employees 'on board' can be a profound, if subtle, motivational tool. Even when subordinates don't know best what to do, trying to shape their responses through guidance is more effective than simply directing them, or worse, telling them they are wrong. Soliciting input from subordinates and adopting at least some of their suggestions is likely to…… [Read More]

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Leadership Personal Leadership Audit I

Words: 1260 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 47593803

Look for positives instead of negatives

3. Develop a social support system

II. Gaining objectivity

Examine my own inherent bias


Try to understand the source of the bias

Develop behaviors to counter bias

Accept that I will never be completely objective, but endeavor to try to minimize the role of my bias in my leadership decisions.

Part Two: Reflective Learning Summary

This reflection helped me become aware that my greatest weaknesses can be found in the very traits that I have always considered my greatest strengths. I have always prided myself on my perfectionist tendencies, and have even felt like people who complained about me being a perfectionist were simply lazy and unable to work up to the standards that I set. Because I always set higher standards for myself than I set for others, I did not believe that my standards were unreasonable. Even while writing this, I…… [Read More]

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Leadership and Management There Is

Words: 1973 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82130442

By providing 'Role clarity' formalization eliminates the confusion pertaining to 'who does what' in an organization. Formalization also results in 'specialization of tasks'. Formalization is a process by which organizations try to standardize employee behavior. Larger organizations are generally more formalized due to greater manageability.

The downside of formalizing is well-known. If an organization wants to implement formalization it would be met with resistance. Managing employee resistance will be a big problem for managers who attempt to standardize work procedures. Employees in a formalized organization strictly perform the duties allotted to them and not more which causes a serious effect on the productivity. The lack of initiative by workers and the consequent loss of productivity and increased operating costs imply a loss of competitive advantage. Also, the one sided bureaucracy witnessed in a formal organization may in some instances lead to opportunistic behaviors by leaders resulting in misuse of power.…… [Read More]

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Leadership Powell the Leadership Secrets

Words: 1525 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 40914702

This is another circumstance, however, that is likely to limit the use of this text in management courses, which is truly a disservice to American industry and consumers. It is ironic that in living up to the principles of clarity and directness that it espouses, this tome will probably be read most by simple admirers of Powell and self-help fanatics, rather than put to extensive practical use in the real world.

Where the book might be lacking in a sense of academic rigor and obfuscation, it is hugely successful in its primary attempt to bring a sense of accountability and nobility back to leadership in this country. The United States has been somewhat short on inspirational and honest leaders in the past decade, and though this book is now seven years old it remains a testament to the type of mentality that apparently still exists even when it has faded…… [Read More]

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Leadership Charisma Myth Leaders Need

Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 11490639

Though there has been a strong correlation shown between the possession of certain key traits and effective leadership, no trait (or combination of traits) guarantees good leadership. More importantly, effective leadership does not really depend upon specific character traits so much as specific choices. The personality traits that can lead to good leadership tend to be those that allow for decisive and informed decisions based on the needs of the group or organization being led; charisma is certainly not among these, and the traits themselves are secondary to the decisions they lead to, regardless (Kirkpatrick & Locke 1991). Charisma no more makes a leader than attractiveness or another physical attribute.

Going back to charisma specifically, some have questioned whether the use of charisma as an enhancement to leadership -- or at least a tool of persuasion used by one in authority -- is even an ethical way to lead. In…… [Read More]

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Leadership in Human Relations What

Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17428548

According to Blass, et al., writing in Human Resources Management, the best way to acquire political skills, is through the mentoring process. The inexperienced individual who has a desire to become a leader in the HR field must have a mentor who is "…armed with organizational experience" that is borne of "vicarious and firsthand experience" and is willing to share "insights and cues with proteges on what it takes to be successful in the organization" (Blass, et al., 2007, p. 6). Mentors must be able to have an "adaptive capacity" to teach the political skills necessary to lead, Blass continues.

Politically skilled individuals generally possess "greater adaptive capacity," Blass continues, which can result in "positive and strong leader reputation" (p. 6). Moreover, Blass argues that individuals with well-honed political skills gain "influence" because they are socially astute, have learned adaptability, and adjust behaviors "to meet situational demands" (p. 11).

A…… [Read More]

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Leadership the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment

Words: 920 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 54440652

One noticeable weakness in the scoring measures is the fact that the questions must be answered in too absolute a manner. There is no room for flexibility or for answering in ways such as, "I normally accept the feelings I have about myself, except when I am in a bad mood." There are also differences in the ways I react to other people and to group pressures: it all depends on the people who form the group and my reaction to them in particular. When working with others who are less experienced than I am, I tend to be more confident. Yet if I am working with a group of others who are more experienced or have higher status than I am, I may be less prone to being assertive, sharing my opinion, or expressing myself as a leader. This bit of self-awareness sprung as I was taking the ALQ.…… [Read More]

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Leadership the Word 'Leadership' Means

Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69158287

The charisma that true leaders possess allows them to organize and motivate others around them, which is ultimately the most important aspect of a leader.

I have learned a lot about leadership from being around these great leaders. I have first learned much about my own leadership abilities. I have been able to compare the great leaders I have worked with to myself and learn about my own strengths and weaknesses as a result. I believe that I possess most of the hard skills that a leader needs, such as patience and intelligence, but I have learned a lot about the soft skills as well. The leaders to whom I have been exposed have taught me much about the subtler aspects of communication, in particular when dealing with difficult people or situations.

As mentioned, I believe that I have sufficient intelligence and patience to be a great leader. I feel…… [Read More]

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Leadership as Defined by Richard Branson

Words: 1279 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3594597

Leadership of Richard Branson

Determine two (2) key ways in which Richard Branson is likely to motivate employees in order to achieve his goals for the Virginia Group. Indicate whether or not his approach is likely to work in a different organizational setting. Provide support for your rationale.

Ensuring that the workforce is focused and always motivated can be a very tricky skill for most employers to master particularly when there is a stretch of time and resources. For Richard Branson this seems like an insurmountable challenge with the size of Virgin group and the diverse companies under it. Richard Branson has recognized the influence that the culture of the company has over the members of staff. There are two key ways that Richard Branson is likely to motivate employees in order for him to achieve hos goals for the Virgin Group. The first way is through inviting them to…… [Read More]

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Leadership Self-Reflection Portfolio

Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60605402

Leadership self-assessment quiz shows how I have used leadership skills in the past. I can apply what I learned from my past experiences as a leader to my current situation. I held a formal position of leadership as early as high school, when I was vice president of the student council. During this position, I made critical decisions related to important social events and worked with members of the team on a regular basis. My communication skills were good, because I had a good sense of humor. These same traits have been evident in other leadership positions I have held in my professional life. For example, the first job I had was at a fast food restaurant. However, I noticed that we were wasting napkins and I mentioned this to the manager. I suggested that we cease automatically giving people large handfuls of napkins, especially through the take-out window. The…… [Read More]

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Leadership Practices Inventory LPI

Words: 2451 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63619284

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

The Leadership Practices Inventory relies on Kouzes and Posner's work and on what they called The Five Practices, that is challenging the process, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act modeling the way and encouraging the heart. Following these five practices, they developed the LPI, an instrument that would help determine leadership practices and capabilities for a person.

The LPI starts with a Five Practices Data Summary, however, I prefer to evaluate and thoroughly discuss each of the practices in part and the scores I have obtained here, compared with the average of all LPI observers rating and use an analytic summary for each case in part. I will leave the leadership behaviors ranking for the very end.

Model the way

In this practice, you have obtained three 10s, one 9, one 8 and one 7 (on a scale ranging from 1 to 10, with…… [Read More]

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Leadership Some Say That Leadership Is Just

Words: 400 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36324599


Some say that leadership is just getting a job done. I wish to dispute that it does not work that way. Every professional's job is now the front lines, and the skills of leadership are now becoming pivotal to everyone's imagination of himself or herself as a professional. It is well-known fact that simply declaring yourself a leader will not induce anyone to follow you. The course of becoming a leader does not happen overnight. Leadership is growing and beginning to incorporate its significance in every aspects of work. The former command and control model of leadership is dwindling, and self-organizing systems are becoming new practices of looking at leadership.

Leadership is an inner journey, one that never halts. If you take this journey from the viewpoint of following your calling, listening to your heart, and exploring how you can be of service to something greater than yourself, then…… [Read More]

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Leadership Warren Buffett a Leading Investor Is

Words: 627 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50647532


Warren Buffett, a leading investor, is admired for many things. While some admire his investment capabilities, some are awed by the frugal lifestyle he lives despite being one of the richest men in the world. I admire both his business acumen and leadership style. In that regard, I have in the past read a significant number of articles and watched quite a number of documentaries regarding how he manages one of the most diversified investment firms in the world -- Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is currently the C.E.O and chairman of the company. With so many subsidiaries to watch over, Buffett's approach to leadership must be really unique. Buffett's approach to leadership is a manifestation of 'Level 3' leadership.

True to one of the basic tenets of Level Three Leadership, Mr. Buffett has over time managed to influence not only the values but also the minds and hearts of his…… [Read More]

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Leadership Taking the Helm Assuming Leadership of

Words: 567 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31947629


Taking the Helm

Assuming leadership of Pequod, Inc., will not be an easy task. The previous leaders left suddenly, creating an atmosphere of infighting, challenge, disorder and confusion, and now the organization is having significant trouble operating as a cohesive unit. As the newly appointed CEO of the firm, it will be my responsibility not simply to maintain operations and keep various departments goal-oriented and on target, but also to instill a culture that promotes the ongoing fulfillment and success of the company and the individuals that are a part of it.

According to leaders with practical as well as scholarly experience, an environment that supports gossip, factions, and power struggles is directly counter-productive to empowering employees, even those not directly involved in such conflicts (Kraft, 2010). An empowering leader creates a culture where all employees, managers, and executives have ownership and responsibility for the operation, which leads to…… [Read More]

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Leadership in an International Business Changing Roles

Words: 1881 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29295472

Leadership in an International Business

Changing Roles of Managers & Teams

Leadership and Employees Behavior in International Business

With the change in the structure of enterprises from national to international, the organizations are forced to hire talent from cross-cultural background. Due to this, a complexity for an organization while handling their human capital increases. In order to combat this complexity, it is important that the individuals inducted show an acceptance to diversity and eagerness to work in a cross-cultural environment. Similarly, the individual needs of such employees should also be satisfied in order to motivate them and enhance the effectiveness of their performance.

Where the nature of human resources changes in an international business, so does the role and responsibility of managers. Manager in such environment are expected to play a role of a leader who knows how to motivate his team, celebrate difference, handle conflicts effectively and improves overall…… [Read More]

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Leadership After Completing the Self-Analysis in Hackman

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After completing the self-analysis in Hackman & Johnson's (2008) book Leadership: A communication perspective, I have evaluated myself as follows: For competence I rated myself as being skilled, informed and trained. In regards to trustworthiness I evaluated that I am honest, kind and friendly. For dynamism, I regard myself as assertive and active. This paper will summarize the results that I found and discuss what those results illustrate or reveal about my leadership communication behaviors.

I rated myself as skilled, informed and trained when it comes to competence. When it comes to leadership, the higher the individual is in a leadership role, the more important communication competence becomes. I rated myself as skilled because I have been in leadership roles where I have had to communicate information effectively. Being in these positions helped me hone my leadership communication skills. I feel that being in smaller leadership roles were good…… [Read More]

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Leadership True Leadership a Leader Is Someone

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True leadership

A leader is someone who has the ability to influence others in order to achieve a common goal. A true leader for that matter is one who does not have selfish interests but the interests of those whom he or she relates with (Dr. Woodroffe Noel, 2012). This best describes John Wesley, the founder of 'youth with a mission'.

Considering the fact that the organization mostly dealt with people from all walks of life and in a foreign land; which meant having to cope with language and cultural barrier, John Wesley with the help of his professional team managed to bring the youth together in an effort to eradicate abuse of drugs which was quite rampant in that society among other vices. Not even his retirement has deterred his team from pursuing to accomplish the core mission of zero tolerance on the mentioned vices. This is true…… [Read More]

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Leadership According to the Book

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" This sometimes leads to a lack of improvement through the use of new ideas, thus having an overall negative effect on the department's efficiency.

When looking at Mr. Shaiban through the six characteristics of a leader in which Wren identifies, it can be concluded that Mr. Shaiban exhibits a majority of them and thus can be considered a leader. For example, Mr. Shaiban is clearly driven and has leadership motivation in that he often is seen leading by example and is not the type of supervisor who is not willing to get directly involved in a project. Further, Mr. Shaiban is honest and has a high respect from his employees and his superiors, which demonstrates his integrity. More s, as can clearly be seen by his ability to function in a complex, high-tech based industry, he has both the cognitive ability and industry knowledge needed to be a successful…… [Read More]

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Leadership Principles in Sports What

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In the old days, coaches and managers viewed people as objects, but that view is shifting, in part due to the concepts of Servant-leadership. The central meaning came to Greenleaf after reading Hermann Hesse's short novel Journey to the East; Greenleaf concluded that a great leader first serves others, and "true leadership (Spears 3) emerges from those whose primary motivation is a deep desire to help others." By first serving, then leading, the leader has a hands-on grasp of what the priorities are, and do those being served (whether baseball players or office staffers) become healthier while being served? Do they grow as persons, become smarter and more likely "themselves to become servants?"

Meanwhile, author Dennis Kinlaw's "total quality management" (TQM) concepts focus much attention on something that is vital to all sporting situations and teams - improvement. Teams rarely stay exactly the same; they are either getting worse, or…… [Read More]

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Leadership in a Permanent Crisis

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They become mired in the emergency phase of crisis management.

The authors contend that because of this, leaders may fall into the trap of "hunkering down" and try to solve problems with short-term fixes such as tightening controls, across-the-board cuts, and restructuring plans. Leadership will turn to what they know how to do in order to reduce frustration and quell their own and others' fears. Their primary mode will be drawing on familiar expertise to help their organizations weather the storm.

The article suggests that in order to avoid this trap that leaders practice adoptive leadership. Adoptive leadership calls for seizing the opportunity of moments like the current one to promote organizational change. The turbulence of the present can be used to build on and bring closure to the past. In the process, key rules of the game are changed and parts of the organization are reshaped as the work…… [Read More]

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Leadership Philosophy Thank You for Your Consideration

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Leadership Philosophy

Thank you for your consideration of my application to Woodbury University. I understand and respect the value of receiving instruction and inspiration from professors and instructors in the field of organizational leadership, and it is my goal to be enrolled at Woodbury University in that regard.

What is particular appealing for me in terms of the learning process is knowing that the Woodbury University graduate program specializes on "small study groups that maximize learning and promote personal and professional relationships" that can carry over into life beyond graduation.

I also like the fact that classes are on a five-week format, and that they are intensive, because learning should be an concentrated, rigorous experience with challenges put in front of students -- the kind of challenges that participants will be faced with out of school. The Woodbury University strategy of allowing students to engender meaningful professional relationships while learning…… [Read More]

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Leadership Concepts Fundamental Leadership Skills

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Therefore, it is important that leaders be sufficiently mature and psychologically evolved to avoid the common psychological impediments to learning from others (Fitch, 2010). More specifically, effective leaders are capable of empowering others (Maxwell, 2007) and of allowing others to contribute to their knowledge base without feeling challenged by the isolated reversal of their leader-follower relationship where circumstances (such as technical expertise) make that advisable for the benefit of the organization (Gove, 2010). In principle, leaders who are threatened by the success of others in their organizations (Maxwell, 2007), or who cannot assume the role of learner because they perceive that dynamic as threatening to their authority (Fitch, 2010; Gove, 2010) are less likely to increase their own knowledge base from interactions with others in their organizations.

Personal Leadership Development

Having recently been promoted into a leadership position in which I am responsible for increasing their productivity, I hope to…… [Read More]

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Leadership Correcting Performance Deficiency There

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This guideline can also be related to that of unifying the followers with a corporate mission. (Phillips, 1996) forth guideline advises the leader to give his followers all the support he can, and act on the presumption that they will do the best they can with what he gives them. (Phillips, 1996) This means that by getting involved in the employees' problems and trying to solve them, the manager will give an example of commitment that will be followed by the employees in regard to solving the company's problems.

The fifth guideline is efficient as it establishes the dominating power of the leader. "Try not to feel insecure or threatened by your followers" (Phillips, 1996) as they will not follow an undetermined person with a weak character.

3. Leadership powers

Leadership in Organizations defines five distinct powers detained by the leader: 1. Reward

2. Coercive

3. Legitimate

4. Expert

5.…… [Read More]

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Leadership Styles My Leadership Style

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A boss who preaches burning the midnight oil but goes home at 5pm, leaving everyone else to labor long hours on a hectic Friday night, will garner little respect. Employees are just as mindful of what their boss is doing as he or she is of what employees are doing. It is essential to 'walk the walk' as well as 'talk the talk.'

Showing care and concern cannot be underestimated, either. Helping employees through difficult times is also a way to foster loyalty to an organization. Who will be more loyal, an employee who is forced to punch a clock, regardless of what is going on at home, or an employee whose company shows respect for her need for flex time, to take care of her young daughter at home? An employee who feels that his or her company cares is less likely to take needless sick days, to be…… [Read More]

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Leadership Is Absolutely Necessary in

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For some leaders this means acting as a mediator to help those who are conflicted to resolve their issues (Hernez-Broome and Hughes). In addition most large organizations actually have conflict management procedures in place to assists with conflicts that arise. Leaders are often responsible for making sure that these procedures are followed and carried out.

What is motivation and how does a leader motivate others?

Motivation is the act of persuading an individual to perform in a manner that is conducive with the goal that needs to be met (Williams). There are several ways that leaders motivate the people that they manage. These modes of motivation may include everything from reward systems to promotions. Good leaders want those that they manage to be intrinsically motivated as opposed to being extrinsically motivated. Individuals who are intrinsically motivated tend to perform in a way that is expected without needing any type of…… [Read More]

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Leadership How Can Perceptions Affect

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This theory also suits me well as I believe that the greater the effort and intensity, the higher the probabili8ty of attaining ones' objectives. There is also the element of continual learning, both at work and school to interpret and when applicable, use the lessons learned. Expectancy theory also is well-suited for accounting for environmental factors that can at times be uncontrollable yet capitalized on, leading to the attainment of objectives in the future. Finally, expectancy theory also concentrates on how the concepts of valence, or strength of a person's preference for a given outcome, when combined with instrumentality and expectancy, can accurately predict the attainment of objectives over time. The concept of linking effort and results is appealing.

6. What are the common characteristics of charismatic and transformational leadership? Compare Colin Powell and Osama bin Laden as charismatic or transformational leaders. Would your answer differ if you were sympathetic…… [Read More]

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Leadership for 21st Century a

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To the host country, this translates into cheap imports, which, despite the good they do for the consumer, help demise the national industries, which are no longer able to compete. All these lead to the indubitable conclusion that competition in the twenty-first century is as fierce as it has ever been.

Aside the threat of cheap imports, the modern leaders also fear the possibility of losing their best staff members. Again, the forces of globalization have allowed a free circulation of not only commodities, but also human resource. Given that a company invests in the professional formation of its personnel, it is possible that the employees leave the organization for a better paid job within another global region. In this order of ideas, it can be concluded that competition for human resource is also increased. The same can be said about financial opportunities, in the meaning that national investors might…… [Read More]

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Leadership Film Project Dead Poets

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"An older, more experienced teacher questions whether 15- to 17-year-old kids are really ready yet to handle Keating's brand of freedom. 'Gee, I never pegged you for a cynic,' says Keating. 'I'm not,' says the other teacher. 'I'm a realist.'… Although there's a carefully placed scene in which Keating tries to make the distinction between unfettered self-expression and self-destructive behavior, the principles behind the re-formation of the Dead Poets Society eventually lead to catastrophe. It becomes clear that at least some of the boys really aren't emotionally equipped to incorporate into their own lives the kind of freedom and nonconformism that Keating is selling" (Emerson 2010). The extremity of Neil's reaction shows the vulnerability of his unformed adolescent emotions and his inability to deal with his resistance to his father in a rational fashion.

However, for all of his faults, by the end of the film, Keating's students have clearly…… [Read More]

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Leadership the Five Steps of Leadership Strong

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The Five Steps of Leadership

Strong leadership is the seed of a successful organization. Everyone can set goals and suffer through battles to achieve what one wants; however only one who figures out how to develop strong leadership from scratch and become skilled at decision-making and team-building, knows best how to play the card, and most likely will accomplish the full result.

The following concept presents the five common basis of leadership and how one can follow it as the process to achieve the goals.

You must know what you believe.

Knowing oneself is a total exploration to be a leader. During the journey to fulfill the challenge, one has to start somewhere. This means that the person needs to depart from a strong base, where he/she can define the most important values or goals he/she wants to accomplish in life. A list of clear focuses will help the…… [Read More]

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Leadership Theory in Action

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Leadership Theory in Action

Theory in Action: Transformational Leadership

Case Summary

Among the main principles of transformational leadership is that people who are true leaders work with their followers instead of simply ordering others around and expecting them to do what they are told (Bass & Riggio, 2006). Followers work better when they can see a point to the work they are doing, and when they feel as though they are working for the common good of the company. This is what keeps them interested at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other tech giants. Because these companies are so focused on a flexible and unique approach to the work they do, they are much more likely to have transformational leaders as opposed to leaders who are transactional.

These companies are more open to working with people in interesting and different ways, which helps them see more success. Additionally, it…… [Read More]

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Leadership Theory Application

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Leadership Theory Application

Situational leadership: A case study

Case summary

One of the principles of situational leadership is that there is no 'ideal' approach to management; rather good management is dependent upon particular situational variables. A good example of this is the case of employment at Google: Google is a company which is famous for its extremely flexible workplace environment for engineers. Engineers are considered the lifeblood of Google. Google even allows engineers to pursue their own projects on company time and allows workers great latitude in directing their daily routines. At Google, it is assumed that engineers 'want' to work: rather than creating a system of carrots and sticks to motivate them in a transactional format, instead the company seeks to hire employees who are extremely gifted and self-motivated.

Although this approach works for Google, situational leadership theory suggests that it would not necessarily work for all companies and…… [Read More]

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Leadership Development the Famous Peter Drucker Was

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Leadership Development

The famous Peter Drucker was very prescient when he said that managers do things right and leaders do the right things. Leadership development is being able to know better and better with time what things should be done and why both in general terms and based on particular circumstances and the choices offered (Weinschenk, 2013). Part of knowing what to do and why is knowing the conditions on the ground, knowing how things operate and how to conduct one's self while traversing this environment. The current lay of the land at this college is no different.

Leadership Capacity

In general terms, leadership capacity and the management of the same is all about being prepared to deal with both the mundane and the extraordinary. It is also about managing the expected and the unexpected. At a minimum, any good leader will make sure to help hone, perfect and even…… [Read More]

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Leadership Development Plan Creating Staffing and Managing

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Leadership Development Plan

Creating, staffing and managing a virtual team to results presents a very unique set of challenges both form a logistics and leadership standpoint. Creating a state-of-the-art new packaging product that is inexpensive to ship yet durance enough to not get damaged will take cross-functional teams of experts in packaging, physics of containers, logistics, and supply chain systems, in addition to costing and financial analysis. Each of these aspects of an organization are critically important to the development, successful launch and sales of the new packaging product. This paper details the greatest obstacles a team leader would face in completing the project and delivering a profitable new product. These challenges and their recommended solutions are the foundation of this paper.

The Many Challenges Of A Virtual Team

The foundation of effective virtual teams is the insightful selection of its members, the ability to quickly create communication and collaboration…… [Read More]

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Leadership Can Be Defined as

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As a political leader, we can refer to Napoleon Bonaparte and his actions as First Consul and Emperor of the French. The shared goal with his followers was to promote the French Revolution ideals in Europe through continental domination and, at the same time, to bring glory to the country and its army. Napoleon's soldiers, the 'followers', believed in the ideals of French supremacy and glory in Europe and fought for 20 years to achieve it, from Spain to Russia.

As a community leader, Martin Luther King is an example of how the interests of a community (in this case of a minority) could be promoted and defended through direct action. Again, the social component is very important in characterizing this leadership example, as well as the common objectives that the followers and leader strived to achieve.

As a religious leader, Mohammed is the best example of the social interaction…… [Read More]

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Leadership One of the Historical

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Many of these modern characteristic of a leader have been passed down to us in the form of the business and political leaders. For example, a company leader or business manager nowadays will certainly be required to have charisma, to be able to organize his personnel so as to obtain the desired strategic and tactical results. It is by being a respected personality and by a certain charisma that the leader is able to impose his will over the rest of the employees. This is perhaps the best reflection of a meritocracy at work, as well as that of its most important benefits.

The meritocracy-based leadership view is certainly the most inspiring. There are several reasons for this. First of all, this type of view guarantees that the best leaders make it to the top rather than that they are selected based on birth and rank criteria. This will guarantee…… [Read More]

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Leadership Paradigms in Modern-Day Companies

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Transactionally, leaders work with their followers rather than mandating the rules and regulations of the company. Instead there is a respect and consideration for each individual within the company. Each individual's needs, abilities and aspirations are taken into account to ensure that each person enjoys work satisfaction. Entities such as labor unions and other committees focused on the needs of the worker have been instated as part of this paradigm.

The transactional-functional paradigm of management thus incorporates all the social ideals that have evolved in society over the last century. Leadership has changed from autocratic and traditional to a more flexible paradigm. It is therefore clear that management has evolved to accommodate the society within which companies function.

Evolution thus ensures the survival not only of a species, but also of a company in business. The transactional-transformational paradigm in its very nature entails evolution. It is a transaction between managers…… [Read More]

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Leadership Vision

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Leadership Vision

Over the last several years, a wide variety of organizations have been addressing challenges associated with effective leadership. This is because most firms have traditionally created strategies behind closed doors and then introduced these ideas to everyone. The problem with this kind of approach is that no one is able to share the same kind of vision as the individuals in the planning group. The reason why is, most people were left out of the process (which makes it difficult to become excited about the new strategy). Once this takes place, is when a firm will waste time, money and resources in trying to implement an approach that has very little support.

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Lussier (2009) he determined that vision and sharing is essential for any kind of organization to be successful. Commenting about these ideas Lussier observed, "Organizational leaders too…… [Read More]

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Leadership the Essence of Leadership

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During this time period I also began studying leadership and the more interesting aspects of motivation. I found that the concepts of autonomy, mastery and purpose can have a transformational effect on those I am leading as well. Instead of concentrating just on carrots and sticks to motivate others, I looked at how to create entirely new jobs that would allow for autonomy, mastery and purpose to be included in each role. This worked out extremely well in Iraq where there were many more projects that people to go around, and time, resources and talent were nearly always in short supply. This experience taught me that focusing on results was not enough; there had to be a focus on providing those reporting to me with a chance to grow professionally and find their path to their own leadership styles and approaches too.


I'm a veteran, single-mother and proven leader…… [Read More]

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Leadership in the American Workplace

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This requires non-computer specialists to understand what the company's products do, to make its advertising clear and effective. In short, harnessing the diverse talents of many different types of people in service of the organization's mission requires a clear, concise organizational value statement that is inclusive in its embrace of the talents and unique perspectives of all of the workers laboring for the organization.

Having a clear vision for the organization also means that employees are aware of what is expected of them in terms of their work ethic, but also in terms of their ethical performance and standards. The recent accounting scandals have made government regulators hypersensitive to any potential impropriety in a variety of areas. It is crucial that the climate of the organization does not condone unethical behavior that could damage its name and reputation. It is not enough that ethics be affirmed in words, but ethical…… [Read More]



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