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An indepth analysis of Adolescent Literacy Plan of Action

Words: 2925 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Journal Professional Paper #: 22054732

Adolescent Literacy Plan of Action

Successful academic learning and student performance are founded on literacy (Meltzer & Ziemba, 2006). Listening, reading, observational, writing, presentation, speaking and critical thinking skills are used by literate students to learn, communicate what they have learned and even transfer the knowledge gained to other scenarios (Meltzer & Ziemba, 2006). A literacy leadership team and the school principal must lead continual improvement as a goal for students to develop literacy. When an entire school community collectively holds expertise in literacy, it becomes the most beneficial to students (Irvin, Meltzer & Dukes, 2007). In addition to expertise, schools must do what's necessary to enhance their ability to minimize the gap existing between practice and knowledge. All school aspects, like assessments, curriculum, resource allocation, policies and structures, professional development of teachers, instruction and culture of the school, are impacted by the existence of systemic literacy development efforts (Irvin,…… [Read More]

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View Two Movies Focusing on Adolescent Development

Words: 1879 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74006910

Movies on Adolescent Development

View Two Movies Focusing On Adolescent Development

Adolescence is a stage of physical and psychological development that occurs between puberty and adulthood. It is usually the time of the teenage years although it has physical, psychological and cultural expressions that begin earlier or can end later Jaffe, 1998.

Adolescence is also a time for cognitive development which takes place rapidly. Piaget in his cognitive development theory defines adolescence at the stage when the thoughts of the individual start taking more of an abstract form and where the egocentric thoughts of the individual decrease. This allows the adolescent to think and reason from a wider viewpoint. There are also biological changes which take place in the brain structure and its interaction with the increased knowledge, experience and the changing demands of the individual socially therefore it produces a rapid cognitive growth Golden & Norwood, 1993.

Development of…… [Read More]

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Sleep Deprivation Effects on Adolescent

Words: 2228 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73073470

(Harvard School of Public Health, 2013, p.1)

Energy expenditure is decreased due to sleep deprivation because there is a decrease in physical activity as well as the body temperature being lowered. (Harvard School of Public Health, 2013, p.1)

Summary of Literature

The literature reviewed in this study has informed the study that children who sleep less hours each night are at a higher risk of becoming obese than children who sleep more than 12 hours each night. In a different study it is reported that infants sleeping less than 12 hours per night are twice as likely to be obese by age three. A study reported that followed children from birth to age 32 states findings that reduced sleep results in a 50% higher risk of obesity. More than nine million children over six years of age in the U.S. are obese. Sleep deprivation results in risks for cardiovascular disease,…… [Read More]

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Stress and Depression Among Adolescents

Words: 2014 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98170852

Adolescents with poor problem-solving skills are at greater risk of suicide, according to an article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology (Grover, et al., 2009). The authors concentrate on the problem of "chronic stress" in adolescents, saying it involves "deprivation or disadvantage" that is ongoing and those dynamics create a "continuous stream of threats and challenges" for the adolescent. The therapy in this research? Counselors, therapists, parents and teachers all need to help adolescents learn "well-developed problem-solving abilities" in order to "buffer the negative impact of both episodic and chronic stress…" (Grover, p. 1286).


Earlier in this paper it was asserted that up to 20% of adolescents in the U.S. will encounter some form of depression due to stress. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests that the best treatment for severely depressed youths is a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication; that formula works better than either…… [Read More]

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Adolesents Development of Adolescents it

Words: 2058 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33357353

Farris (1990) cites Glasser's Control Theory as a foundation for developing activities to motivate adolescent learners. Briefly this theory asserts humans have five basic needs: the need for survival, belonging, power, freedom and fun. Effective teachers recognize and respond to students' needs and a critical part of that response lies in helping students accept and maintain that essential control.

Farris (1990) proposes possible classroom responses designed to meet these needs. To satisfy the need to belong a teacher should create a classroom with an accepting atmosphere, create a sense of ownership, recognize student's attempts to be accepted, praise students' performance, teach using groups, and discipline or reprimand in private whenever possible to avoid humiliating students. The need for freedom can be addressed by involving students in rule making, providing opportunities for free expression, encouraging creativity in assignments, and possibly consider eliminating assigned seating. The need for power can be addressed…… [Read More]

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Protecting Adolescents from Harm

Words: 1934 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 88844449

Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. By following God's word we can raise children who avoid evil and serve God faithfully.

Protecting Adolescents from Harm: Findings from the National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health

Relevance to Child or Adolescence: This article deals with several protective and risk factors of a child's life such as school, family, and individual levels, as they pertain to four domains of adolescent morbidity and health. The four domains are: violence, substance use, sexuality, and emotional health. The purpose of the study is to identify main threats in the health of adolescents and the connection between the types of risk behavior they elect to perform. Few research shows how their social context forms such behaviors.

Major Finding: The cross-sectional analysis of the information derived from the interview data…… [Read More]

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Substance Abuse and Adolescents There

Words: 1002 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90185356

Research that the authors report in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy -- a peer-reviewed journal -- shows that adolescents abusing substances cause "stress-related symptoms" in parents (Yuen, et al., 2011, p. 250). The stress parents experience includes: depression, anxiety, fear of danger, guilt, anger, despair as well as grief associated with failure in the parental role" (Yuen, 250). And so prior to bringing parents into intervention strategies (to assist with their children's abuse issues) -- which has been proven to be effective in many previous studies -- Yuen explains that parents may need training in terms of allowing them to become "…more emotionally independent from their adolescents' behavior" (259).

A peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Traumatic Stress (Kingston, et al., 2009, p. 65) reports that the "Cumulative exposure to multiple traumatic events" -- child sexual abuse (CSA), for example -- has been linked to "…earlier…… [Read More]

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Substance Abuse in Adolescents Examining

Words: 961 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47188092

However, in understanding the factors that exist in most substance abuse cases, preemptive solutions to the problem such as education and awareness, as well as early interventions in recently-onset cases can help to curb the issue significantly.

Proposed Solutions

The key to preventing substance abuse, as proposed by researchers and laymen alike, is awareness and education regarding substance abuse. Beginning in schools, religious organizations, and at home, individuals are better adept at understanding the struggles that stem from substance abuse, and such knowledge can help to eliminate a problem before it arises.

For those individuals who find themselves in the throes of substance abuse as adolescents, research has further found that early intervention or punishment can help to put the severity of the problem into the forefront of the abuser's mind in order to show the consequences of such abuse. For instance, increasing evidence has shown that specific, immediate and…… [Read More]

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Sleep Deprivation the Effects it Has on Adolescent Obesity

Words: 1138 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86324468

Sleep Deprivation and Adolescent Obesity

Sleep Deprivation the effects it has on adolescent obesity.

Sleep deprivation and adolescent obesity: Literature review

We have become a 24/7 society. Adolescents in particular are known for shortchanging themselves on sleep. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 30% of adult men and women sleep less than 6 hours a night and many adolescents sleep far less than that on a regular basis (Gupta 2003). And the rise in obesity corresponds with a subsequent decline in the average number of hours teens sleep every night. Adolescent obesity has tripled in the past thirty years, according to the Centers for Disease Control. For example, one study by Gupta (et al. 2003) compared sleep patterns in obese and non-obese adolescents and found "obese adolescents experienced less sleep than nonobese adolescents (P < 0.01). For each hour of lost sleep, the odds of obesity…… [Read More]

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Hong Kong

Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81195353

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Hong Kong

The prevalence of mental health problems in people with disabilities is estimated at between thirty and fifty percent, in Hong Kong (Vasa & Roy, 2013). Anxiety disorders are the most common mental problems occurring during adolescent and childhood, at least one in ten people having anxiety disorders. In addition, anxiety disorders are the most common manifestations of psychological distress among people with autism. People with autism are much likely to be anxious than their non-autistic peers. Oftentimes, they are described as highly anxious. The co-morbidity of separation anxiety is frequent in people with autism. Similarly, epidemiological studies indicate that approximately eighty percent of people with autism have separation anxieties. This study concentrates on discussing the treatment method or way of Autism and Separation Anxiety Disorder among children and adolescents in Hong Kong.

Risk factors owing autism

Young people with autism are more prone…… [Read More]

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Benefits of Early Leadership Training for Adolescents

Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 88233115

Leadership Training for Adolescents

The focus of this work is the examination of whether early youth leadership training for adolescents could be a vehicle to address these problems among youth in rural communities. This study is quantitative in nature and investigates the existence of current leadership training programs at primary and high schools. The effect of newly developed leadership training programs and their effect on selected study participants will be examined. The sampling in this study will involve various age groups between 12 and 18 years of age.

Research questions in this study include those stated as follows:

(1) What is the relationship between early leadership training and problem solving skills among rural youth?

(2) What is the relationship between early leadership training and self-esteem among youth?

(3) What is the relationship between early leadership training and enhancing leadership skills among rural youth?

Significance of the Study

The significance of…… [Read More]

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At Risk Some Adolescents Are

Words: 3813 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91842638

Nowadays, adolescent problem behavior is conceptualized as 2 empirically derived syndromes: externalizing problems (including delinquency and aggression) and internalizing problems (including depression, anxiety, and withdrawal) (Achenbach, 1991a, 1991b). Little is known about the structure of internalizing problem behavior. Accordingly, the first aim of this study is to examine the structure of externalizing and internalizing problem behavior during adolescence. (Reitz, Dekovic, & Meijer, 2005, ¶ 2).

At the end of their study, Reitz, Dekovic, and Meijer (2005) recount that prior research primarily focused on externalizing problems, the structure of a limited range of problem behavior, and basically found support for a 1-factor structure. Their study, Reitz, Dekovic, and Meijer assert, extended previoius research as it explored externalizing, as well as internalizing problems, examining whether both types of behaviors belonged to one single factor of general problem behavior (1-factor model), or whether the two types behavior ought to be deemed two separate…… [Read More]

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Why Do Adolescents Engage in Sexually Risky Activities

Words: 1748 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6211518

Sexual Activity in Adolescence

The scholarly literature on adolescence and health reflects the fact that some young people make risky decisions regarding sexual activities -- and the use of drugs also plays a role in their behavior. In this paper, those issues and others related to adolescent behaviors -- including the earlier initiation of sexual activities -- will be presented through in-depth analysis.

Adolescent Sexual Activities and Psychosocial Adjustments

There has been an assumption in the literature for some time that when adolescents delay their first sexual experience, they adjust better psychosocially as young adults a bit later in their lives. Another assumption has been that instances where young adults have their first sexual intercourse experience between 16 and 18 years of age "…are linked to lower adjustment in many life domains" (Haase, 2012, 199).

However, a peer-reviewed research article in the journal European Psychologist challenges those notions with empirical…… [Read More]

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Suicide Adolescents With Suicidal Ideation

Words: 852 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20586496

The influence of social disconnectedness upon adolescent suicide is also manifested in one study which found that adolescents who moved frequently were significantly more at risk of attempted suicide (Qin, Mortensen, & Pedersen 2009). It should be noted that this risk factor was "attenuated, but still significant, after controlling for the child's own psychiatric morbidity and loss of a mother or father, as well as parental psychiatric history," indicating that some adolescents may be inherently more vulnerable to this type of environmental stressor (in other words, some adolescents may be more socially adept at coping with the inevitable social problems that occur with frequent moving) (Qin, Mortensen, & Pedersen 2009: 628). Risk of suicide has genetic and epigenetic components, but social difficulties as a risk factor cannot and should not be ignored. The association of frequent with moving suggests that positive peer relationships can act as a counterbalance to risk…… [Read More]

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Teen Alcohol Abuse Adolescent Alcohol Abuse Has

Words: 1654 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15965636

Teen Alcohol Abuse

Adolescent alcohol abuse has been an ongoing public health problem for many years. While alcohol abuse trends tend to increase and subside over time, recent research continues to show an alarming level of alcohol use. For example, surveys by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) show that alcohol use has dropped slightly when compared with previous years, in 2011 almost two thirds (65%) of high school seniors and almost one third (29%) of eighth graders had used alcohol within the past month (Winters, Botzet & Fahnhorst, 2011).

Health Needs Assessment

As of 1988, the purchase of alcohol by youth under the age of 21 is prohibited. Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) define underage drinking as consuming alcohol prior to the minimum legal drinking age of 21 years. Further, zero tolerance laws make it illegal in all states for youth under age 21 to drive…… [Read More]

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Building Adolescent Social Intelligence With a Dance

Words: 3697 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14094891

Building Adolescent Social Intelligence With a Dance

Physical Education

Final Research Paper Outline

Adolescents in high school benefit from the planning and execution of a social event such as a dance or party physically, emotionally, and developmentally.

The high school students should help organize and throw a party for themselves.

The party should involve school staff, parents, and adult members of the community.

The planning of and the participation in dance/party combines many skills that adolescents need to develop into healthy adolescents and later into healthy adults.

The party gives the high school students opportunities to practice and hone skills that will improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, individual identity, social intelligence, and social reality construction.

Parties and Socialization

A. The party is a form of socialization that builds very important social skills.

B. The party is a demonstration of how to understand the importance of social skills for development.

C. The…… [Read More]

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Developmental Tasks of Adolescence Robert

Words: 323 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25734287

Third, increased cognitive demands in school challenge the adolescent. Fourth, the adolescent must develop more mature verbal communication skills. Fifth, the teenager will develop an ego separate from the parents, whereas in childhood the ego remained closely linked to that of the parents. Sixth, the adolescent formulates clearer career goals. The seventh task of adolescent development comprises the psychological detachment from the parents, often entailing interpersonal conflicts and difficulties relating to authority figures. Eighth, the adolescent develops stronger relationships with peers that help him or her formulate a sense of self. The ninth task of adolescence relates to the development of the sexual self: the teenager also comes to terms with gender issues. Tenth, the adolescent develops a personal system of values that may remain with the individual throughout the lifetime. The eleventh and final state regards controlling immature impulses and becoming a more mature manager of instincts and behaviors.… [Read More]

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Nutrition Health and Adolescence There

Words: 2169 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60869790


Therefore, in the light of the above views, a central part of the solution to the problems of poor nutrition in adolescence is an awareness of the problems. This is a first step in the development of any effective program.

In other words, the youth should be made more self-aware of poor nutritional habits and the importance of adequate nutritional intake and the way that these factors are often promoted through the media. This in turn would necessitate the involvement and cooperation of various other parties, including schools, parents and related organizations in the educational arena and food industry.

One of central objects of this type of program is to improve general awareness of nutritional and health issues. There could, for example, be more emphasis health education classes in schools, where nutrition is discussed in relation to the contemporary world. The cardinal aspect of this program would be a…… [Read More]

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Treatment for Depressed Adolescents Introduction

Words: 1964 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57001837

However, in recent decades this problem has not only been addressed but ways have been researched so that this problem could be reduced in percentage and affect. The treatment has become more diverse and the environment provided for the treatments has been made safe and hospitable. The family of the depressed adolescent has been made more aware and has cooperated in controlling or overcoming this problem with time. The goal of trying to get the adolescent to understand and comprehend his self and his thoughts has been achieved regularly and with fruitful results.

What needs to be done now is that after the counseling period has ended, some kind of constant counsel meeting or medication should be adopted so that the adolescent does not slip back into depression after the short span of treatment. The parents and the families can get involved to make sure that everything works out accordingly…… [Read More]

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Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia in Adolescents

Words: 1386 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96978982

Young people with poor eating habits can develop eating disorders or these disorders may be in response to various psycho-sociological issues that arise during adolescence. Irrespective of the cause, adolescents with eating disorders run the risk of a wide range of adverse healthcare outcomes, including obesity, high blood pressure, bone loss and even death. The problem is more common than many people believe, and the prevalence of eating disorders has been increasing in recent years due in part to improved recognition of the condition by clinicians. To determine the current state of affairs with adolescent eating disorders, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to develop a background and overview of eating disorders, their effects and how these conditions are treated. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings about adolescent eating disorders are provided in the conclusion.

Background and Overview

Professional and public…… [Read More]

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Crime Delinquency Teenagers Adolescent Terror Virtually No

Words: 3128 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14952653

Crime Delinquency Teenagers

Adolescent Terror

Virtually no one can deny that there is a definite, tangible link between adolescence and crime. Anyone not familiar with this subject would be hard pressed to dispute the eminent statistical data that alludes to that dangerous link. In 1990, teenagers were more than 3.5 times likely to commit an indexed crime than were adults in the United States. Index crimes are both violent criminal activity such as "murder & non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault" as well as serious property crime such as "burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson" (No author 1990). This point is underscored by the fact that in 2005, approximately 10,000 prisoners in the United States were serving life sentences for actions that were committed before they turned 18 (Liptak 2005). This proclivity of teenage criminal offenders is evinced overseas in other countries as well, such as in…… [Read More]

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Child Adolescent Development

Words: 1576 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57856002

Infant Physical, Cognitive and Social Development

One of the most important aspects of a child's physical, cognitive and social development is motor skills development. In this case, an infant is expected to master fine and gross motor skills in order for him/her to effectively explore the surrounding environment/world. Gross motor skills are considered as large muscles movements such as arms and legs whereas fine motor skills are considered are movements of smaller groups of muscles like hand and wrist. Berk & Meyers (2016) have developed a table that provides a list of gross- and fine-motor skills milestones in different stages of an infant's development. As an 11-month old infant, David has relatively developed necessary and anticipated motor skills based on the milestones listed in the table. He has fairly developed nearly all motor skills expected of infants his age and seems to be progressing well in motor skills development. David's…… [Read More]

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Socially Reactive Depression in African American Adolescents

Words: 2973 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95785604

Depression in African-American Adolescents

Etiology of Depression

Mental illnesses like depression can be very difficult to diagnose or to recognize: There is no serum to test for when looking for depression. In some real if rather vague way, mental health is simply the absence of mental disorders. And in the reverse we define mental illness as the absence of mental health. The circularity of this definition is certainly confusing, but it reflects the real confusion over the range of what may be considered to be mentally "normal." This vagueness as to definition does not mean that the problem of mental illness and especially depression is not real: Indeed, the difficulty of identifying those with mental illness and so of providing prompt and appropriate treatment to them makes the need to do so more effectively all the more important (Grob, 1991, p. 13). The need to identify mental illness in -…… [Read More]

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Teacher Observation Adolescence Is a Tumultuous Period

Words: 2081 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45396733

Teacher Observation

Adolescence is a tumultuous period characterized by significant physiological, social, psychological and cognitive changes that often cause considerable stress and anxiety, as the youth faces numerous demands from family, school and peers and fights negative ways to respond to these demands, such as truancy, drug abuse and isolation (Steinberg & Sheffield, 2001). Transitioning to high school requires the teens to communicate with a new and larger peer group and handle greater academic expectations. Counsellors clearly recognize that healthy relationships are the essence of mental, emotional, and psychological health. Many of the crises teens confront today are related to relationships -- with parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. Problems such as loneliness, low self-esteem, peer-pressure, rebellion, homosexuality, and underachievement have their foundation in unhealthy or broken relationships that can occur anytime during a youth's lifetime.

Increased stress occurs for adolescents across the board: Students who are in enrolled in rigorous…… [Read More]

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Eating Disorders in Adolescents Eating

Words: 1731 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8353148

Finally, McDermott also provided us with valuable clue in early detection and possibility of avoiding worsening of the condition. By identifying a positive relation between laxative use and severity of disorder the study serves as a warning, indicating treatment measures for such children who abuse laxatives. These researchers have clearly stressed the importance of early detection and treatment to minimize the chances of a full blown disorder. Medicos, nursing professionals, school counselors and most importantly parents must be attentive and detect behavioral abnormalities, negative eating behaviors and other such clues at an early stage and administer appropriate medical intervention and counseling support. Parents in particular play a major role in helping the child develop a positive self-image which is the best way to avoid these dangerous psychiatric conditions.


Walsh, B. Timothy, "Longitudinal Relationships Between Childhood, Adolescent, and Adult Eating Disorders.(Statistical Data Included), Journal of the American Academy of…… [Read More]

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Treating Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa

Words: 1719 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73279571

Treating Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is an eating confusion described by a terror of fatness experienced during the adolescence period that leads to them to starving themselves leading to harmful low body weight, a moody fear of being fat and compulsive hunt for thinness. Though not limited to a certain age or sex, it mostly affects the female. The eating disorder affects both the physical appearance; thin appearance and psychological health. Though the origin of anorexia nervosa is blurred, severe fasting and weight loss are regularly linked with efforts to manage the increasing psychological and social burden of adolescence, the disorder leads to a reported death rate of 6-10% of the adolescent who do not seek medication in time Berkman et al., 2006.

The worry among most clinicians is whether to focus on anxieties the adolescence have during this period of growth or addressing the rigorous dieting and…… [Read More]

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Emotional Intelligence and Adolescent Smoking

Words: 6326 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12971707

These factors were used to develop the Emotional Intelligence portion of the study. The study encompassed all four of these skill areas, placing equal weight on all four factors.

Assumptions and Limitations

As with any survey-based study, there are several assumptions and limiting factors that may effect the results obtained. Self-reporting surveys can be criticized for their inability to measure the honesty of the test subject. It is assumed that the test subject will answer the questions in a way that reflect their true feelings. It is assumed that they are not making a conscious effort to give the researcher the answer that they want to hear, thus creating biased results.

This research design will attempt to measure the effect of emotional intelligence on the success of a smoking cessation program for adolescents. The success of any smoking cessation program depends on the internal motivation of the person and their…… [Read More]

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Benefits of Early Leadership Training for Adolescents

Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 2060187

Leadership Training for Adolescents

How do adolescent in an early leadership program define their leadership experience?

Early leadership programs have made positive impacts on adolescents who participate in the programs. These programs help them in developing leadership related skills, knowledge and behavior. Adolescents participating in early leadership programs are more aware of the individual differences and developmental needs of young leaders (Herman & Cunningham, 2008). Further, they define their leadership experience as leaders who are responsible for the welfare of the community.

Moreover, adolescent leaders define their leadership experience as having been mentored by early leadership programs. Based on the possible outcomes of this question, adolescents are encouraged to be responsible and manage their training. This research question was chosen in order to determine the level of effectiveness of adolescent leaders in the community. The answer to this question is likely to determine the perception of adolescent leaders of the…… [Read More]

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Developmental Crises in Adolescence Developmental

Words: 1489 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64384132

Fortunately, the school authorities also schedule dormant periods, called classes, during which students can rest their minds and take a break. . .[They] correctly understand . . . that socialization is the most. . .morally important thing they will do in high school" (Brooks 2001:74-75, cited in lecture notes). Socialization requires adaptability and flexibility, which temperamentally-sensitive individuals lack and can make them more vulnerable to the stressors that all adolescents endure. Perhaps equally significantly, high-reactive adolescents recognized their challenges and rated themselves as more dour and serious than their peers who rated themselves as high on optimism. The biological tendency, once socially reinforced, became a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy for the high-reactive teens (Kagan 2010: 38).

Biological propensities to stress can be measured in both qualitative and quantitative ways. Quantitatively, brain scans subjects can demonstrate whether the regions of the brain associated with anxiety such as the amygdala, fire up…… [Read More]

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Cultural Differences of Adolescent in the United States

Words: 4157 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66223470

Cultural Differences of Adolescent in the United States

The United States, ever since the time when its history began, has been an accumulation of different cultural patterns who took refuge here for independence in expressing the thoughts. Resiliency or adaptability is featured as a phenomenon of fruit yielding adaptability in spite of difficult or intimidating surrounding. In this paper we shall analyze the cultural differences among adolescents in the country. In 1996 Gordon discovered that adaptable young men have concrete self-confidence in their realizing capabilities and concrete sentiments of association in the school surrounding as against their non-adaptable associates. Consistently Arellano and Padilla in 1996 discovered that cooperative families and tutors saved students from vulnerable educational surroundings. Again Liebowitz, Catellani, and Cuellar in 1999 discovered the relatively important foreseer of sexual attitude to be the persistence of morals existing betwixt the young men and their family. Outcomes threw light on…… [Read More]

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Alcoholism in Adolescence Significance of the Health

Words: 1941 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1852297

Alcoholism in Adolescence

Significance of the health issue of alcoholism

Everything is good in moderation, and, indeed, studies show that low-levels of alcohol consumption (such as 1-2 drinks per day (Sellman et al., 2009) may prove beneficial to drinkers. Chronic alcohol abuse (i.e. consistent and persistent consumption of alcohol) has an undoubted negative long-term impact. It is ironic that whilst low drinking can consequent in decreased risks of osteoporosis, cardiovascular condition, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, high levels of alcoholism aggravate and bring on the onset of these conditions, oftentimes also resulting in mortality.

High levels of alcoholism show significant positive association to conditions that include the following: cancer, alcoholic liver disease, malabsorption, chronic pancreatic, and cardiovascular disease aside from long-term damage to both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system (Caan & Belleroche, 2002). Risks extend to vulnerability to injuries, fetal damage, hypertension, coronary heart disease, ischemic…… [Read More]

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Risk-Taking Sexuality of Adolescents Too

Words: 2081 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85821000

These were being make, passiveness or unassertiveness, and a father who avoids conflict with a teenage child. Parental guidance on safer sexual practices, skillful assertion, negotiation and resolution of conflicts all help improve dating communication between teenagers. But parents' strategies in solving everyday conflicts and issues with teenage children may be the true basis for the safe-sex negotiations in their dating. Parents who actively engage in open disagreement with their teenage children may induce confidence in their children to assert themselves and communicate their preference with a sexual partner regarding the use of condoms. These strategies are likely to develop from safe-sex communication with parents (Feingold).

Parental Processes and Style

The Kaiser Family Foundation surveys suggested that teenagers whose parents monitor their children's whereabouts and particular behaviors tend to have only one sexual partner or avoid unprotected sex (Howell, 2001). A combination of high-level communication and parental monitoring works well…… [Read More]

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Human Relationships - Adolescent Dating

Words: 1161 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 56054185


S1 - No

S2 - No

S3 - No

Rational - This question is intended to determine whether other forms of abuse occur within teenage social relationship even more frequently than actual physical abuse or face-to-face verbal abuse. Had any of the subjects answered affirmatively, that would have suggested specific follow-up questions to explore the issues raised.

6. Have any of your friends ever been the victim of stalking-type of behavior? If yes, through what medium (in person, by phone, via Internet, etc.)? Also, how many people do you know personally who have ever been victimized in this way?

S1 - Yes; four

S2 - Yes; two

S3 - Yes; four

Rational - This question provides a comparison to the subjects in the Claiborne study.

It also expands the anecdotal data to include three separate peer groups.

7. Have you ever before (today) discussed the issue of violence or…… [Read More]

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Video Games Impact Adolescent Aggression

Words: 2961 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38341638

Thee children, when socializing with their friends, invariably mimicked those violent characters they saw in the video games. While concluding, these researchers, pointed out that if children continued to play these kinds of violent and aggressive video games, then it is highly likely that negative and anti-social behavior becomes a norm for them (Nicoll and Kieffer, 2005).

In one study carried out by Williams and Skoric (2005) revealed that gamers who spent an approximately fifty six hours every month playing a special type of game called "Asheron's Call 2" had not been statistically any different from those gamers who did not play any game during the same time period. The results indicated that video games are not linked with adolescent aggressive behavior. This study was considered to be the first of its kind, since it studied a particular game over a month long period.

It is noteworthy here that the…… [Read More]

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Nutrition During the Adolescent Stage in Preventing

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The importance of nutrients during adolescence

Adolescents in the contemporary society find it difficult to follow a strict set of rules and most are inclined to pay little to no attention to their health. Nutrition is a delicate topic when considering adolescents because many consider that their health status is not going to change in the future. The fact that overweight adolescents have come to represent an important problem in the present contributes to the gravity of this situation and it is thus essential for teenagers to have a complex understanding of the concept of nutrition. Nutrition is important when considering learning and behavior, this meaning that the future of society partly rests…… [Read More]

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Ecstasy Use by Adolescents in Miami Dade County FL

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Ecstasy Use by Adolescents in Miami-Dade County, FL

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, has become popular as a club drug and at techno dance events, such as raves, trance scenes and private parties. Many who attend raves and trances do not use drugs, but those who do, may be attracted to their generally low cost and to the intoxicating highs that are said to deepen the rave or trance experience ("NIDA," 2004). It has gained the reputation as a "hug drug" promoting empathy, relaxation, and sexuality. Studies indicate an increase in abuse of this drug, especially among adolescents and/or teenagers. It is a human-made drug that acts as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen. It is taken orally, in the form of a capsule or a tablet. It has short-term effects including feelings of mental stimulation, emotional warmth, enhanced sensory perception, and increased physical energy.

Health effects can include,…… [Read More]

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Obesity in Adolescent Females in

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During the study a number of factors were considered for the evaluation of the fact that females unlike males in Saudi Arabia constitute a larger proportion.


Lifestyle and dietary

Adolescent boys and girls were studied for at least two weeks on their feeding habits, for this period, females were observed to consume more snacks than male in that males could only consume snacks once a fortnight unlike their female counterparts who for the 14 days averagely took snacks at least 12 days. For the consumption of rice, bread, nuts and fish the percentage of females consuming this surpassed that of men i.e. 54.8 to 50.5%, this shows that females consumes more food products that are energy giving than males in Saudi Arabia leading to deposition of more calories in the body triggering obesity as it is supposed that the body can not convert the whole chunk of calories. More…… [Read More]

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Saudi Arabia Obesity Adolescent Girls

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In order to get various information for comparative analysis, several online databases will be explored so that the scientific data and social factors that will be unearthed are factual enough and relevant to the study of obesity among teenagers.

The publication year was used from 2000 to present. This is because the researcher can be access to the best data. Also, this period has showed the fast economic development that has affected on life style and public health. Some of those internet resources will include:

1. Databases and Subject Resources at Flinders University Library: Medline - Ovid, Scopus, Science Direct?, and Web of knowledge -- ISI. All of these have the best database for retrieving data and studies. Also, the researcher can access the times cited and cited references, this is done with much ease hence the researcher will spend a relatively short time looking for the information he needs…… [Read More]

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Child and Adolescent Development Process

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Development of independence is shown by their ability to accomplish tasks on their own. They can start new things and have a range of activities to choose from. At this stage, children learn to develop attachment to others. Pittman, Margaret, & Kerp (2011) argue that by the age of two and three years, it may take a child one hour before returning to a secure base ( close to care giver). At the age of four and five, the observation takes three hours before the child returns. This shift from shorter to longer cycle according to Bowlby, (1973), represented the child's relationship to the caregiver.

Normal and abnormal growth and development

Witner (1909) pointed out that the normal and abnormal development of a child is aspects of a child that can be diagnosed and even treated clinically. A normal development process of a child entail sound emotional, cognitive and physical…… [Read More]

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Sexual Behavior of Adolescents Elucidated a Number

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Sexual Behavior of Adolescents" elucidated a number of interrelated facts related to the sexual activity of teenagers. The most salient of these is the notion that there is a distinct difference between teens who are virgins and those who have had no sexual experience whatsoever. The research performed within this article expressly denotes that teenagers who have not had vaginal intercourse may still be sexually active in other ways. Other methods of sex that teens regularly engaged in as virgins include oral sex and anal sex. Therefore, one of the biggest misconceptions that this article revealed is that virgins are sexually inactive. They can be, but virgins can also have quite a wide range of sexual experience as well. The primary methodology used to determine this fact included surveying a group of students at a Los Angeles public high school in 1992.

Another fairly eminent aspect of the study utilized…… [Read More]

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Media Effects on Pre-Adolescent Girls

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This is really an unfair assumption that only physically attractive (i.e. sexually attractive) people have real value, but it is an assumption that has been around for a very long time. Likely, it will not change any time soon, and there is a chance that it will never change. There will always be at least a segment of society that values appearance over everything else, just as there are people to whom appearance means nothing at all. Right now, these two areas do not appear to be very evenly divided. There are still many more people who value appearance than those that do not and they teach their children those same values, with the help of the media. Those who try to teach their children otherwise have trouble doing so because the media's messages are so very strong that they often take precedence over what parents have to say.

Whether…… [Read More]

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Transition From Childhood to Adolescence

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Risk taking behavior usually comes from feeling like one does not belong with others. At that point, a person does things that they would not otherwise do in an effort to fit in with other people. A lot of them do drugs or drink or smoke cigarettes, and some of them turn to promiscuous behavior in order to try to be accepted. I never did these things at that age because I was too afraid of the things that could happen to me. I did not want to get caught or be labeled a 'bad person' or get in trouble with my parents. They were very controlling, and that was part of the reason that I never did anything like that. I was not brave enough to be interested in taking that kind of risk because of my fear that my parents would punish me or not care about me…… [Read More]

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Child and Adolescent Counseling

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1989-1990 antidepressant medications were not approved for use on nine and ten-year-olds and this poor kid is put on antidepressants immediately after his father dies. Then of course the kid experiences mood swings which get worse and he is eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder (of course no one considers that a fairly common side effect of antidepressant medications is mania). Secondly, we have a troubled young man that comes from an unstable home who is immediately tossed into grief therapy right after the death of his father. I cannot think of a more obvious way to tell a nine-year-old he is sick- that there is something wrong with the way he feels. So I guess no nine-year-old ever went through such an incident without professional help-I mean what did kids who experience tragedies do before we had professional counselors? I guess they all went crazy and then grew up as…… [Read More]

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Medical Management of Adolescent Athletic Knee Fractures

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Medical Management of Adolescent Athletic Knee Fractures

is a 13-year-old middle school student who was admitted to Antelope Valley hospital complaining of severe pain in the right knee while playing football in his Physical Education class at school. As the patient turned to run for a pass, he twisted his right knee and fell to the ground. C.W. reports that he immediately felt a snapping and popping sensation at his right knee and experienced severe pain. The patient's knee began to swell and deform following his fall, and he was unable to bear weight. The coach for the Physical Education class called 911, and C.W. was transported by ambulance to Antelope Valley Hospital. X-rays taken in the Emergency Room revealed that the patient had sustained a right proximal tibia fracture. A basic metabolic panel, blood cell profile, PTINR, and PTT were all completed on the patient. C.W.'s labs were all…… [Read More]

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Adulthood the Transition Between Adolescence

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Interactions with peers are one way a person creates or enhances a self-concept. How Jean reacted to social strife or conflict in her environment predicted her reactions to future situations. In addition to her interactions with peers, culture has an enormous impact on Jean's development. Jean has soaked up her self-concept partly from the media but also from peer and parental influences. Jean's parents provided her with a foundation set of values, beliefs, and methods of ethical reasoning.

Several social psychological theories apply to developmental psychology. Social identity theory, observational learning, attribution theory, and the theory of social schemas can all help explain Jean's unique developmental path. Although not overly impacted by the theories of social identity, Jean noted shifting her social affiliations frequently throughout her adolescence. One of the features she notices emerging in herself is less of a tendency to create in-group boundaries. At the same time, Jean…… [Read More]

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Media Exposure on Adolescent Body

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Moreover, adolescence and young adulthood are periods of both increased anxiety about appearance and social acceptance as well as of greater dependence on the opinions and perceptions of others (Jones, Vigfusdottir, & Lee, 2004). That would seem to suggest that exposure to media images associated with beauty would have the greatest influence on the individual. This proposal is designed to test the relationship between exposure to images and other visual representations associated with physical beauty and the development of self-perception in the individual.


It is hypothesized that self-perception among adolescents and young adults with respect to relative physical attractiveness will vary directly in proportion to their degree of interest in and exposure to media images of beauty. The independent variable will be the exposure of subjects to various forms of media associated with a high degree of emphasis on physical attractiveness. The dependent variable will be the measure of…… [Read More]

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Group Protocol for Adolescents -

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Next, the facilitator will pose an introductory question that will stimulate brainstorming by engaging students in the "why" of their involvement in the group (Bouassida et al., 2006). Next a transitory question will lead to examination of the problem at hand, where the members of the group attempt to answer key questions including (1) what is the foundation of the problem (2) what tools are available to solve the problem (3) what are the most probable outcomes of a problem given the information provided (Bouassida, et al., 2006).


Bouassida et al. (2006) provide the rationale for this protocol, suggesting it enables group members to participate in a manner that allows greater collaboration and verification of the results. This form of focus group enables each member to participate on an equivalent basis. The outcome will result in rapid resolution of complex problems including those presented in the future to students…… [Read More]

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Golden Lb 2002 Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling

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Child and Adolescent Counseling

Golden L.B.

Golden, L.B. (2002). Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling

Psychology -- Adolescent

The diagnosis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD: DSM-IV-TR), is associated with adult victims of natural disaster or crime. History shows several cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that have been encountered by healthcare professionals. Here we have discussed a case study of a girl who suffered from this particular disorder. Her complex of blocked feelings was probed and her powerful healing force brought her back to a normal life. The purpose of this discussion is to understand and explore the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through art and play therapy.

Golden, L.B. (2002). Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is classified as an emotional illness; it is an anxiety disorder, which develops after a life-threatening, frightening or highly unsafe experience. People suffering from…… [Read More]

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Cognitive and Behavioral Development of an Adolescent

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Riley's Behavior Analysis

Theories of moral and cognitive development can be used in understanding Riley's case and behavior. According to the Piaget's theory of development, children go through various stages in life. Theories of development reveal that when a student is in high school or the 10th grade, he or she undergoes through a period of personal development through the creation of identities. At this stage, individuals are preparing for adulthood and gaining more independence just as adolescents become experimenters in their lives. Piaget proposed a theory of development where moral reasoning for children develops from what he calls a naive understanding of morality. This naive understanding is usually based on behavior and outcomes. However, as they develop, they can have a more advanced understanding that is based on intentions. This means that Riley is using his independence in the wrong way. The identity crisis as described in the theories…… [Read More]

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Golden Lb 2002 Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling

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Child and Adolescent Counseling

Child & Adolescent Psychology

Golden, L.B. (2002). Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling


Sean's early life was exceptionally fragmented, leaving him with substantive levels of abandonment and fears regarding his well-being. The life his family led before he went to live with his grandmother was not ordered or structured. Sean did not develop the ability to make predictions about what happens in life, in games, and in the behavior of others because this area was essentially a void in his young life. Because he did not have a normal background against which to compare his life events, it was difficult for Sean to identify that he was angry with his mother for her neglect, disappointed in his father for his harshness, or devastated by the death of his grandmother.

Sean was not able to articulate the feelings he was experiencing nor was he able…… [Read More]

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Pregnant Adolescents Teen Pregnancy Is

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The TAPP medical program is a collaboration between Jefferson County Public Schools, the Louisville Metro Health Department, and the University of Louisville School of Medicine and School of Nursing. Medical doctors, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Nurses teach, assist and monitor the young women and their babies, daily. This includes information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, instructional assistance and support once the baby arrives. Family planning and birth control information are presented to students for future planning to help prevent future unplanned pregnancies. A Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clinic also provides students with nutritional information during their pregnancy and after the baby is born ("Medical Component").


The rising rates of teen pregnancy, in the state of Kentucky, is a serious concern. These teens have a more difficult time continuing their education with the added challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. In Louisville, the TAPP program at Westport Alternative…… [Read More]

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Second Order Change in Adolescent

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Esperanza took the paperwork home and met with her mother, who obtained the appropriate records for her and went through the class schedule with her, as Esperanza translated the information. Esperanza chose a class schedule that was inclusive of her mother's desire for her to take a part time job, and included all the basic education classes that she would need to move forward as a Junior the following year. Esperanza also signed up for a Spanish class and an ESL program, at the urging of the Latino Club advisor. The Latino Club activities included a small grant to pay ESL students to tutor students of Spanish that were in need of extra help. Though the tutoring paid only minimum wage, it allowed Esperanza to fulfill her mother's desire for her to take a part time job and it would not interfere with school work and did not require her…… [Read More]

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Money The Adolescent Perspective as Depicted in

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The adolescent perspective as depicted in the short stories of Joyce, Faulkner, and Cather

The search for higher social status as a form of personal fulfillment and self-definition all mark the coming-of-age stories of James Joyce, William, Faulkner, and Willa Cather, despite the distinct differences between the three male protagonists created by the authors in their seminal short stories "Araby," "Barn Burning," and "Paul's Case." All three short stories feature a young protagonist whose illusions of finery and higher class status are shattered. Because these aspirations are also often connected to sexual desires, this fall from grace is particularly difficult for the young men to tolerate.

In "Araby," the young male protagonist becomes enamored with a young woman who seems innocent, above his own class, and charming. When she professes to wish to go to the Araby bazaar but cannot because she must go on a retreat with her…… [Read More]

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Psychology Adolescent Sexual Behavior This

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Peer competence was defined as a "child being well liked by others and having clearly identifiable, mutual friends. Additionally, others respect her/him, and follow his/her ideas." (Zimmer-Gembeck, et al.) Although teacher may know their students well, there is no guarantee that a teacher is completely accurate in an assessment of something with so many variables.

Based on these measures of peer acceptance and attractiveness, many questions would simply go unanswered. For example, in neighborhoods where crime is rampant, social acceptance may be based on an ability to survive yet in a different atmosphere social acceptance may be based on clothing allowance - when there is cross contamination of these two social settings, is a person still as accepted and therefore attractive?

Subjective Reflection do not want my attempt of presenting an analytical, informative, and critical assessment of this research project to understate my disappointment in the overall project. I was…… [Read More]

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Factors Affecting Adolescent Health in the United States

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Adol Health

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, adolescents and young adults comprise more than one-fifth, 21%, of the American population.[footnoteRef:1] These teens and young adults will become clients of the healthcare system, and their health plays a significant role in the social, economic, and political development of the nation over the next generation. Therefore, it is important to understand the health factors related to this specific age cohort. A relatively high number, actually the vast majority of teens and young adults are qualified as being in "excellent or very good health," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[footnoteRef:2] According to the Office of Adolescent Health, which is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a full 96% of all adolescents in the United States are listed in "good," "very good," or "excellent" health.[footnoteRef:3] [1: United States Department of…… [Read More]

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Anti-Social Behavior in Adolescents Current Essay Is

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Anti-Social Behavior in Adolescents

Current essay is a discussion of the antisocial behavior disorder amongst adolescents. The author critically reviewed studies on the topic. The literature suggests that neighborhood and peer holds a great influence as regards antisocial behavior amongst adolescents. Previous research has confirmed socialization experiences outside of the family shape what goes on inside of the family. Also there is possibility that peer and neighborhood characteristics are related to parenting and family relationships. Presence of violence in neighborhood may cause stress among parents resulting in poor parenthood quality.

Neighborhood Influences

Peer Influences

Mediating Effects of Adolescent Antisocial Behavior



Anti-Social Behavior in Adolescents


The importance of socialization contexts outside of the family has been well documented. In particular, neighborhood (e.g., violence, collective efficacy) and peer relationship (e.g., relationship quality, peer deviancy) factors both have been linked to a number of adolescent outcomes, such as self-esteem, academic…… [Read More]

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Peer Pressure in Adolescence the

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The findings of this study support the view that the effects of peer pressure are related to earlier processes in childhood. This has led to the recognized research imperative to "...include longitudinal data from both peer and family contexts in studies of trajectories leading to adolescent problem behaviors" (p.45). In other words, the study points to the importance of a more holistic approach to understanding the motivational impetus and effects of peer pressure which takes into account both home experiences and experiences with peers and the way that these factors in combination effect development in children and young adults. As the study states: "What children learn at home from their parents, they bring to the peer group" (Garnier & Stein, 2002, p 45).

Types of peer pressure

The literature also refers to the different types of peer pressure and influences that have been defined and classified. These different types are…… [Read More]

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Effect of Advisory Participation in the Adolescent Years

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Middle Eastern Students: What Is the Effect of Advisory Participation in the Adolescent Years- Grades 8-9

Benefits of student advisory

Adolescence and its effects on learning

Functions and Expectations of Advisory Program

Middle Eastern Student advisory experiences


Social and economic mobility is a function of educational achievement. It is important to ensure that all children receive education in order to secure their future and that of the nation. The U.S. accommodates many immigrants from the Middle East. Several studies done in the recent past have examined how immigrants fair in the educational system. However, few studies attend to the subject of adolescent students from the Arab world participation in advisory programs for schools and the effects of such participation explicitly. It is not clear whether the results of adolescent participation in school advisory programs would necessarily coincide with the participation by Arab immigrants. Considering the consistent negative portrayal of…… [Read More]

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Analysis of Depressed Adolescence

Words: 2717 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86458863

diverse populations in a study, the implications of crisis/trauma-causing events on adolescent depression, implications of resiliency, the implications of neurobiology, and looks into a relevant development theory. It also covers different categories of adolescent depression. Causes of this problem, available diagnosis techniques, and the best treatment methods are also considered. Its relationship with other health issues, such as obesity and cancer, are also considered. There is a provision of some quantitative information about this problem. This paper also pays attention to important studies other experts have conducted. To some experts, this problem is in no way a medical ailment. There is also emphasis on the role adequate exercises and balanced diets play in curbing depression in adolescents. In conclusion, it is emphasized that a depressed adolescent can turn out to become a very normal and happy individual. The Cognitive Theory of Depression as postulated by Beck gives a description of…… [Read More]

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Elkind's Manifestations of Adolescent Egocentrism

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Elkind's Manifestations of Adolescent Egocentrism

Adolescent egocentrism is the belief of teens that other people are attentive to their appearance and behaviors. In other words, egocentric adolescents generally believe that all eyes on them. Typically, adolescence egocentrism characteristics appear between the age of 11 and 12 and may taper off between the 15 and 16 years of age. Egocentrism features on adolescents because they see things from their perspectives rather than the perspectives of others. Typically, adolescent egocentrism is characterized by some behaviors, for example, adolescents may spend hours admiring themselves behind the mirror because they think everybody will notice them if they do not look good. The theory of adolescent egocentrism is proposed by Elkind (1978) who argues that the resurgence of adolescent egocentrism appears during the earlier childhood and is expressed through personal fable and imaginary audience. (Elkind, Bowen 1979). Elkind argues that adolescents always focus on their…… [Read More]



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