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Strategic Planning Challenges and Improvement

Strategic Planning, Challenges, and Improvement

Strategic planning refers to processes that substantiate the enterprise vision and mission. Strategic plans are frequently well crafted to offer value through a driving force for the consideration in the external and internal business environments. The facilitation of business managers provides a communication channel for all stakeholders of activity within and without the company. The main issues to be addressed coupled with strategic goals are specified towards the planning of groups, staffs, and consultants while focusing on the SWOT results and environmental scans. Strategic planning identifies changes within the current strategies within which there are requirements for reaching the goals and addressing the issues (Cooperrider, Barrett, & Srivastva, 1995). This means the identification of potential new strategies and suggesting changes to emphasize on priority. The presentation of performance requires the inclusion of the key staff for decisions and discussion.

Strategic planning is challenging processes with particularly instruction undertaken within a given company. With strong team effort, patience, and perseverance, strategic plans start the improvement and prediction of results in a company. In such case, businesses get off their track where strategic plans are not directed to serve recovery processes. Strategic planning requires formal treatment for ongoing processes against the main competitive advantage and offensive assurance for improved daily execution of business practices (Bryson, 2011). The other challenge is the selection of independent outside facilitator to the process and development of strategic plans. The outside resources provide objectivity and serve as an informer to the management board that is charged with extensive plan development. In the advanced analysis, the plan should have ownership and authorship of the managers and the owner with the execution of strategic plans.

The internal environmental scan component includes assessment of the organization's weaknesses and strengths. The challenge includes the number of approaches or components. The assessment presents a challenge to current organizational performance for aspects of human resources and financial (inputs) for the operational strategies or methods (processes), and outcomes or results (outputs). Organizations do not have objective measures of the outcomes through perceived performance through partial determination of interests for clients and stakeholders (Bryson, 2011). Strategic planning aims at understanding how players and stakeholders in the broader community, including constituents and clients, view of the organization. Brief written forms can be sent and interviews conducted with critical stakeholders where best solutions are carried out by…

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