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The Science: Managing the Business

My average score for The Science category is 3.8. The key experience of this process is that I was able to individually gauge my competencies in the different areas of focus including financial management, human resource management, performance improvement, foundational thinking skills, technology, strategic management and clinical practice knowledge. Some of my most competent areas in this category included the ability to cooperate with other service lines and also being able to match the competency of the staff with patient acuity with a score of 5. Majority of the other areas within this category had a score of 4.0 including shared-decision making, patient safety, comprehending intricate adaptive systems and information technology, facilitating change, project management and contingency plans. My lowest score in this category is staff election regarding the application of individual interview approaches. This is an area in which I need to improve on in order to comprehend the ideal and effective techniques of interviewing candidates.

The Art: Leading the People

The average score for this particular category was 4.2. This encompassed ranking competencies on different areas of focus comprising of human resource leadership skills, relationship management and influencing behaviors, diversity, and shared decision making. The key benefit of this analysis is that I was able to properly scrutinize my competencies on leading individuals and how effective I am as a leader. There are key areas of focus in which I have the highest ranking levels in this category. Some of these areas comprise of my capability to influence other individuals, the promotion of professional development and conducting the management of relationships with other parties. There was also my overall understanding of the constituents of cultural components as well as social justice in sustaining a setting that syuppirts equality and impartiality. I am also very competent in making the most of the dissimilarities of individuals in order to cultivate work groups that are largely effective.

Other key areas of this category have a score of 4.0. These included performance management in terms of evaluating staff, aiding in the setting of goals, observing personnel for fitness of duty and also carrying out incessant performance development. Other key areas that attained a similar score encompassed staff development with respect to facilitating educating staff and assessing their needs, promoting the professional growth and development of staff in addition to guaranteeing competency validation. However, the analysis of these areas also gave me insight in my poor capability of terminating staff, which is an area that necessitates a great deal of improvement.

The Leader Within: Creating the Leader Within

This particular category laid emphasis on key areas including personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines and optimizing the leader within. I scored the highest ranking in this category out of the three with an average ranking of 4.3 out of 5.0. The areas in which I had the highest score in terms of competency comprised of personal growth and development by advancing in education, planning my career and taking action. It also includes planning a proper career path and partaking in practices that are in support of nursing standards and scopes of practice. The other areas had an average rating of 4.0, which is indicative of my high competence in this category. This comprised of the application of active learning in order to solve problems and individual reflect on decisions. There also included the competence of developing a proper career plan that offers clear direction and at the same time being flexible enough and having the capacity to make adaptations to any forthcoming scenarios.

Comparisons of Self-Rating with Supervisor/ Mentor Ratings

The meeting with my mentor was very insightful in that it facilitated my understanding of where I need to improve. More importantly, it provided a clear evaluation of my capabilities indicating the areas where I might have overvalued and undervalued in terms of competencies. In general, the rankings from my mentor were considerably lower than my individual rankings. My average scores included 3.8 in The Science, 3.6 in The Art and 3.8 in The Leader Within. Based on these assessments, it is apparent that my mentor is in agreement with my key shortcoming and areas of improvement which are performance management with respect to terminating staff and staff selection regarding the selection and hiring of qualified applicants. Another insightful area of discussion with my mentor included the need for additional improvement in key areas within the Art category. Specifically, this dealt with performance management and staff development. This included working on how to instigate corrective actions, promoting the professional development of personnel, guaranteeing that competency is validated and also simplifying the education of personnel and examining their needs. More so, there was also the need to carry out performance development on a continuous basis.

Plans to Increase Competence

There are two areas that I plan to work on in order to increase my level of competence. The first area is staff selection regarding the selection and hiring of qualified applicants. Employee selection is an essential aspect of the hiring practice. Employers endeavor to hire employees that are qualified and have the capabilities of meeting the expectations of the job positions. The plan of accomplishing this particular goal is as follows:

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