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Language of Ordinary People

The American Revolution could not have been as strong as it was if it were not for one man, Thomas Paine. He was the one who supported and fought for it with all his synergies, combined in the written form of most celebrated and valued book and pamphlet Common Sense and The American Crisis, which turned the tables for revolution and brought a vibrant change in the history of America. Thomas Paine spoke the language of common people through his words. This assisted them in being able to rise up for their individual rights. He believed that ordinary people should defend their liberty and this concept was written strongly in his top works of eighteenth century, which is still remembered and read throughout the America as an inspiring piece of inscription to raise the most necessary revolution to change America. This thesis tends to explain how Thomas Paine has changed the American history by bringing in the individual rights as an important pillar of any established society. This thesis tends to explain how individual rights were challenged and corrupted by government regulations and the churches under government. He was successful in speaking and pursuing the servants, soldiers, merchants, farmers and like laborers with his vision that could not have been seen through just anybody's eyes but his. He conceived a sense of uprising of individuality in these minorities to establish themselves as an important pillar of the American society which has and which will continue to lead the generations until the end of times. Thomas Paine has been compared with Washington and Hamilton in ways, which explain how the three had contradicting views upon revolution and its uprising. Hamilton was more like the Washington's brain, which shared similar approach for the revolution and the steps that need to be taken to bring it.

This thesis also contains the famous words from Paine, which describe how he felt about the revolution, which was the need to bring humankind into peace by establishing the ground for individual rights. He encouraged freethinking and believed that everyone should stand for his or her own beliefs (Whittier 2011). The right to be free in making choices and important life decisions is what Paine tried to induce in the American culture and he strongly supported this by declaring revolution as the only means. Revolution could bring the new changes that are needed to free the slavery of civilians by the controlling government (Together We Can Change the World, 2011) .Paine's words served the American troops as a hope to continue their fight for independence from England. His writings were the strongest weapon used against the tyranny instead of him joining the army, which he did to support the troops. Eric Foner, author of Voices of Freedom, a compilation of the great names that had worked hard to bring peace and freedom to the civilians of America sheds light on the similar topic, which has been given a part of this thesis. Paine's attitude towards bringing the change has been compared with George Washington and Alexander Hamilton who were thinkers that are more conservative and believed in a natural order of the processes such as that of change. (Whittier 2011) This comparison explains how Paine drove the agitation into productive usage, which conflicted with Washington and Hamilton's school of thought.


Thomas Paine started as an editor for Pennsylvania Magazine, which provided him the experience and the ground to begin what he had aimed to. With this profession he began to use his writing powers to produce articles as many as he could which highlighted affairs such as justice and humanity. He began writing about the future American relationship with Britain and continued to protest against slavery and injustice with minorities.

This was the plot; this was the ground for his prompting progress against all the injustice and killing of human rights. Paine was much outraged with the Britain relationship after the American militants were killed in front of the meetinghouse. This raised a question for the future relationship, which was always a concern for Paine as he had analyzed the situation and was predicting such kind of mis-happening. (Whittier 2011)

Paine was a political activist, none like any other. He had a deep sense for human rights and how ruling bodies exterminated those rights under the footsteps. To establish the nation with freedom of rights he had begin from making pamphlets to spread his message. This was one way he wanted the Americans to hear him. The pamphlets contained everything that the nation needed at that time, commonsense, and so the pamphlet was named as common sense because it explained and blurted the straight truth that everybody needed to know and realize. Although it had rebellious and provoking statements, Paine refrained from using his name for its publication. Instead, "by an Englishman" was used as the name of the writer. With the publish of the first pamphlet the aim of Paine was to inspire his readers by attacking on the tyranny and degraded the kingdom of the kings as corrupted by other political powers. He wrote upon the civilian society, the government rule and how civilians pursued a private productive life.

He believed to envision a state that was entirely based on individual rights. The freedom as he proposes is not the freedom to live as human beings, but a freedom to live and to make choices as an individual, the rights of the individuals to make choices and bring change by influencing themselves and others in the society.

This envisions was based on a Continental union and consecutively refused the objections of those who believed that it would result in a break with Britain. In Common Sense, he quotes as "society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness. The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth. Now is the time of continental union." With this quotation, he emphasized on believing that opportunity and encouragement were brought to the American citizens and they had to utilize it for the best purposes such as the continental union.

Paine had a greater sense of optimism in his beliefs. Unlike other authors or activists who kept a bitter perception of people with freedom and rights, Paine strongly believed that if people were taught and made to recognize their individual rights they will be able to establish a better self of them and will be able to fulfill their destinies. He believed that the American nation had scripted in their genes the power and the will to bring an evolution and they could embody individualism in the culture of America. In his words from Common Sense, "here the value and quality of liberty, the nature of government and the dignity of man were known and understood and the attachment of Americans to these things produced the American Revolution as almost as natural result." With this statement of Paine, it is clear that he had a radical approach towards revolution unlike others.

As compared to George Washington, Paine had a different sense of freedom and rights and thus both constituted a contrasting hope for revolution in America. They had conflicting opinions from what we extract in the history. Paine was rather an aggressive activist who steered his agitation towards the governmental authority while Washington believed in a more complacent and calm approach since his background reflects so.

He never believed in radical approach as that of Paine's and believed in a more conservative and preservative movement.

Washington believed that a cautious and calculated approach should always be adopted and this is what he had in mind instead of an evolution but on the other hand, Paine emphasized more on constructing the new generation on the old one. Alexander Hamilton possessed alike qualities of Washington and was another contrasting character as compared to Paine in the history of American Revolution. He had the similar conservative approach as that of Washington.

The liberal mind and the conservative minds were poles apart; however, these minds were amalgamation of the necessary elements that were needed for the American Revolution to upraise.

American Revolution is assembled and compiled with a chronological order in Eric Foner's Voices of Freedom that has explained and specifically referred to the concept of freedom when it came into being after Paine began to aggressively oppose the tyrants. Extracting a few lines from the author's words, the American Revolution history is regarded as a subject of conflicts and debates. The enslaved society was once what this country was formed of and their true bases were dependent upon slavery. A freed person is autonomous and is entitled to live a free life if he is reliant on the slaves (Marin. 2011).


This paper supports the idea of Thomas Paine's revolution and his work towards establishing slavery free rule in America with the proceeding of an uprising form the civilians to set ground for the human and basic individual rights. He was the honest,…

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