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The Emergence of a Leader

Leaders are made and not born. This is because leadership is not something that some can be born with, but rather it is something that an individual learns and practices over a period of time. The job of leading an organization is complex and to expect that an individual would be born with the ability and tools necessary to lead is not possible. However, with this said there are traits that individuals are born with like extraversion (Kotter, 1999), which would predispose them into leadership positions. This would not mean that all individuals born with extraversion will automatically be leaders. Leadership requires constant growth and the seeking of new experiences, which would allow the individual to increase their knowledge.

Since leaders are made it quite correct to assume that it is possible for someone to learn how they can cultivate and leverage the personal sources of power that they would have within an organization. With power comes great responsibility, therefore, should be able to make use of their power sources in order to influence and motivate the employees. This is something that is learned as one is progressing through the ranks within the organization and a leader should be able to cultivate these sources of power for the advantage of the organization.

It is possible for a person to modify their behavior in order for them to be more leader-like. As earlier noted leaders are perceived to be extroverted and it is possible to have an introverted person becoming a leader. With proper training and guidance, the individual would be able to modify their behavior and adapt to the leadership prototypes (Pfeffer & Sutton, 2006). There are numerous leadership coaching classes that are all aimed towards transforming the individual into leaders. With the right attitude, one can modify their behavior and be perceived to have leader-like attributes.

Motivating Employees

Intrinsic motivation has the potential for high levels of engagement and performance because the motivators for performing a particular task or responsibility is internal. When an individual is working on a task that is personally rewarding they are most likely to give it their all and they will be happy when performing the task. When an individual is doing something because they are enjoying it instead of the external reward that is attached they are more likely to be good at…

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