Critical Success Factors in a Competitive Business Environemt Case Study

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Environmental Scan

Samsung's production is always dependent external environmental factors to achieve its goals and objectives in the market.

The environment offers the local and raw materials that are essential in the production processes.

Most of the raw materials used to make chips are obtained from the environment.

The environment has also been helpful in making sure that Samsung has the right expertise people who can carry the strategies for the growth of the company.

The environment has been influential in formulating the market and the production avenues within the company.

Moreover, what has been so special, and will always continue being special with Samsung is that its production processes are conscious of the need to protect the natural environment, through the many software materials developed within the Smartphone

Samsung is also conscious of the local environment.

The process of maintenance of production has been made to be sensitive to the issues the environment.

Samsung is a product that belongs to any environment. It benefits people from different environments.

Samsung Company operates in various industries around the globe.

Through a massive involvement of technology and innovation in these industries, Samsung has established a body that has been influential in keeping making the company achieve the high levels of production and achievement in the market (Song & Yi, 2014).

Critical Success Factors

The case involving Samsung and Android is an intellectual property and Smartphone patent wars. The struggles and strains between these two organizations dates back to the conflict between the Singaporean Creative Technology upon the Creative's patent for the MP3 player

The Creative sued Apple when it lounged its iPod in 2001, citing cases of infringement.

Apple was forced to part with $100 million to settle the case.

In this case, Apple developed its patent strategy that has become common with several patents and lawsuits against one of its main competitor called Samsung.

Several verdicts, countersuits, and appeals have rocked the partnership between these two organizations.

The partnership and dependence of one on the other is another factor that has held these two companies, all strategizing to outdo the other in the market.

The integration of Samsung and Apple would be a successful venture, a success that will appear to benefit both of the organizations

Samsung has some of the greatest software technologies beneficial to Apple while Apple has been a success in delivering some of the best…

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The trading of the products used by Apple will be made easier; with the financial flows, becoming welcoming to the Apple Inc.

Financing will have to be done by both of the brands, with an equal contribution, being balanced by the inclusion of the shared products (Lee, 2006).

All these will be subject to a balance of financing, which will also be involved or reflected on the revenue sharing between the two brands.

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