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The style of leadership of an individual takes into account the way and approach of handing out directions, carrying out plans, and motivating individuals. As perceived by subordinates, leadership style encompasses the complete pattern of obvious and implied actions undertaken by their leader. There are different frameworks that delineate the key approaches that individuals lead. When such frameworks are comprehended, it becomes possible to create and develop one’s own style to leadership and therefore come to be a more efficacious leader. The purpose of this paper takes into account the creation of my individual style of leadership pointing out my strengths and weaknesses.


As aforementioned, the leadership style is a manner of providing direction in the organization. Imperatively, as a leader, communication is one of the strengths that need to be maximized. The essence of a leader communicating is generating an understanding. This will facilitate the followers to comprehend the vision, mission, values set together with the strategic direction of the organization. Communication takes into account ensuring that the followers are or board, fascinating them with the direction set for the organization and obtaining their support. As a leader, if this is accomplished with every subordinate being addressed, then there will be a subsequent effect that is inspirational and thereby ensuring that each individual is focused on the similar objective. Consequently, this facilitates the leader and other individuals to work in tandem owing to the similar understanding of the issues at hand.

The capability of making decisions is another strong suit within the style of leadership. Irrespective of whichever approach undertaken, ultimately, the leader is expected to make key decisions that steer the individuals and the organization in its entirety. It is inevitable that as a leader, different circumstances will necessitate different decisions. On the one hand, a number of the decision may be insignificant whereas others may be major and pivotal. Decision making is essential in everyday leadership expectations and therefore is a core element in styles of leadership. Despite the fact that individuals will have their autonomy in partaking their everyday tasks, as a leader, the ultimate decision-making will be laid on my hands. Another key aspect of decision making takes into account the delegation of duties. As a leader it is imperative to comprehend the strong suits and shortcoming of the individuals within the organization in order to hand them the suitable tasks. These decisions are important in guaranteeing that there is productivity amongst the individuals and the organization as a whole.

Confidence, commitment and passion are also pivotal. In order to be an efficacious leader, I believe it is imperative for an individual to have sufficient confidence to guarantee that the subordinates follow the directions and commends given. Lacking confidence implies that the followers will also consider the leader unreliable and opt not to follow them. It is also necessary to have passion to the cause and direction that the organization is means to follow. When followers and peers perceive the leader being part of the cause, then they also dedicate themselves. This is also beneficial in attaining their respect and instigating sufficient energy to facilitate better performance.


One of the key aspects in terms of weaknesses when creating my style of leadership encompasses the steps and measures taken when I have made a mistake. It is imperative to note that no leader is perfect and therefore it is inevitable that once in a while a mistake will be made. The first step to take is the quick admission of the mistake. Owning up to any mistake made and doing so quickly makes one an effective leader. This is for the reason that it is an indication of modesty and makes the leader more amicable. It shows that the leader can be trusted to delineate the truth, be sincere and straightforward. In addition, it increases the leader’s level of credibility and respect. The second step is apologizing when necessary. As a leader, one is accountable not just for his or get own behavior, but also for that of the subordinates and followers. Therefore, apologizing at the right rime will portray me as having a strong character and also guarantee personal success. In addition, an apology is an effective approach of putting behind the mistakes made to evade costly consequences. The third step takes into account providing an explanation of how the problem takes place in order to fix the issue at hand.

Secondly, another key aspect of dealing with weakness is coping with an insensitive peer or co-worker. To begin with, if there is significant conflict with the colleague, then one of the ways to approach is by minimizing contact so as to diminish the level of conflict. As a leader another way of coping with this is through communication. More often than not, disagreements between individuals are usually started by the lack of communication, which can be easily resolved by dialogue. For instance, a key reason why individuals disagree with one another is the inability to speak the same language. Therefore, communication is key in resolving this issue. Another important aspect is to remember that within the organizational setting, both parties have mutual goals of accomplishing success. Therefore, by putting this into context and bearing it in mind, it can be possible to resolve any issues at hand in order to achieve the shared goals.

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