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bevy of information about diabetes and the many different considerations for treatment that pertain to it. In this regard I found it quite comprehensive. It provides a good deal of detail about treating this condition from administering insulin to the different ways the human body can change: and the ways those changes inherently affect treatment. The article is loosely structured around a case study of an adolescent diabetes patient who is incurring difficulty with managing type 1 diabetes. Her story is used as a framework for the author's explanation of treatment concerns pertaining to adolescents which involves physical attributes, hormonal ones, and even social ones. The author explores the different types of diabetes and a number of different options for managing this condition. The focus of the way the majority of the information is presented, however, is within a context that applies to adolescents.

I learned a substantial amount of new information while reading this article. However, what truly figures most prominently in my own mind is the rigorous sort of treatment that is required to effectively manage diabetes. I had know idea how demanding this condition is, and what is required to minimize its effects so that a person can enjoy his or her life. For instance, the author mentioned that Laura, the teenager in the case study, was responsible for injecting insulin multiple times of day and measuring her blood sugar level as well (Trast, 2014). Such a task definitely seems arduous, especially for one so young. I believe the fact that children and adolescents are responsible for these facets of care was one of the author's main points in writing this article, and emphasizing how important it is to monitor them in these aspects. I learned that the various physical transformations that take place during adolescence affects dosages of medication.

3. There is a plethora of ways that Trast's article, "CE: Diabetes and puberty: a glycemic challenge," will be helpful to me as a student in the clinical area this semester. Since the article essentially functions as an in-depth case study of eminent aspects of caring for adolescents with Type 1 diabetes, virtually all of it had clinical relevance. Some of the different aspects that will particularly apply to me in the clinical area are its designation of the different types of clinicians and professionals that treat such patients. Specifically, these include social workers, certified…

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Trast, J. (2014). CE: diabetes and puberty: A glycemic challenge. American Journal of Nursing. 114(7), 26-35.

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